I woke up to a phone call yesterday October 14th 2015 on my 46th birthday to hear my father just passed away, he had just turned 70 in September. I was in such shock I couldnt speak but to say omg omg omg. My father was really never there for me when I was a kid but as I grew up we reconnected and got closer. I have always loved my father and looked forward to every year on my birthday when he would type Happy Birthday Brat Love Dad and yesterday I didnt get to see his message, He moved to Florida 15 years ago and the only way I was ever to connect with him was on FaceBook or by phone and that has always been okay with me for I had my father back and I was happy an now hes gone and I will never hear his voice again telling me he loves me and misses  ...I dont know how to deal with this. 

Most of my family tell me that theres nothing I can do about it and yes I do know that but the pain is unbearable knowing I will never see or hear him again, Please help me get through this.

Thank You for listening to me for I dont have anyone to cry to. To understand the pain I am feeling and how my  heart is breaking .

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Comment by Debra Lynn Feemster on October 15, 2015 at 9:34pm

thank you so much for your support

i am having a really hard time with this i also lost my step dad in june 

i cant lose anyone else i love

i am going to have to go see someone all i do is cry

people tell me to suck it up,,,im 46 im not a kid but it hurts just the same

Comment by Donna on October 15, 2015 at 8:43am

Debra,  Give yourself time.  You essentially lost your father twice in your life.  I would recommend, if you can, see a counselor to help you cope.  My parents died within one year of each other.  I was in your shoes, couldn't cope, didn't want to do anything.  But I went to a counselor, and he told me it takes two years for every death you suffer to grieve.  It certainly is not overnight.  I don't know if you have faith, but a Christian Counselor could help.  It's something that will give you relief, and the patience to endure.  God bless.

Comment by jen on October 15, 2015 at 8:16am
Debra, I'm so sorry for your loss. I started this board almost 7 years ago , right after my dad died unexpectedly so completely understand how you are feeling. Its tough, and even after all these years it still hits me hard once in awhile, but I can tell you wholeheartedly that I feel my dads presence and love all around me, every day. The grief was too much in the beginning, for me to notice it, but little by little, the sadness has been replaced by memories, happy times and what was always there, his love. Take care during these difficult first days, weeks, months, it does get better. Jen

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