Well it's been a little bit over a month,since I lost my Dad.I'm still here in our apartment.I will stay at least till the end of this year.I miss his company so much.I've accepted his death,he was 89 yrs. old and I'm grateful for the time I had him as my Dad.I just feel so lost at times , not knowing how to begin living for me.My life has a big adjustment to make.My time revolved mostly around him and his well being.I have no regrets for that time , and I would do it all over the same way.I cared for him myself and it was taking a toll on me , I have to admit , but love has sacrafices and I gave up alot,and I'm ok with that.I refused to put him in a home and each day became harder but I stuck it out.Fighting my sleep on his very last day cuz I felt he would leave when I slept, and sure enough that nite for some reason I turned the recliner to face him,looked at him till I could no longer keep my eyes open,when I awoke 2 hrs later,he was no longer with me.He passed on Oct.11,my birthday was less than a month away.Like I said , love has sacrifices,I waited 3 weeks and had his memorial services on my birthday Nov.3 He knew I loved him but just had to show in a big way how much he meant to me.It was a birthday I will never forget,appropriate for my Dad.....whom I'll never forget.....In remembrance of one of the greatest gifts in my life......

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