September 25,2010~ I went with my best friend of 40yrs to the Field of Dreams~Fallball has started, Lisa's 19yr old daughter Annie was playing, the day was really nice she found a table to sit where there was a little breeze and watch the kids socialize and play ball.

The hometown cheerleaders came out to cheer on the players, it was really nice to see them cheer since my daughters were once on the same squad.

Annie knows the game well and is trying to advance to the next level of baseball.

A women was passing by when Lisa called her over & interduced her to me hername was Lynne, and her daughter Anhana. Anhana reaches into her bag and pulls out a cell phone pops it open and is looking for a text message from a friend. Her mother tells a story of when Anhana was born she adopted her a 1 day old, the baby had had a stroke when she was born. It was really amazing to see how life has changed and how much love & dedication for these children have come to the for front.

We began to talk about changes in our lives, and how fast things can change. Lynn told of how her daughter wanted to meet her real birth mother and she searched the internet and found her. The birth mother only lived a town away so they had a wonderful reunion including grandparents. Then she was telling us that last spring, she had lost two neibhors with in a week. One was 92 yrs old and went away to live with her daughter. The other was 82 and died, her name was Anna Marie. With that my arms raised and said, that was my Mother!

So in all, Lisa with the goose bumps on her arms, me feeling like I was in a dream moment, Lynne asks what do you think that was? I said,its the connection between here and heaven! For a moment I felt Mom standing right beside me with her hand on my shoulder like she promised! Its funny how God works!

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