On September 30, 2012 my life change forever. Received an urgent call to say my brother was being rushed to hospital he did not look good at all. My brother was found unconscious in the hotel room with a female friend. She says that she had found him unconscious choking. When I arrived at the hospital was terrified of what I was going to see. I'll never forget the moment as I walk in the curtain in the ER the side of seeing my big brother laying there with the ventilator down his throat his eyes taped shut and all kinds of tubes and wires. In that instant I knew my brother was not going to be okay. The doctors explained that he had severe swelling on his brain and that was a good indicator of the brain cells and self dying. they said they would give it 24 hours to see the song would go down. EEG test was ordered the following day and 4:35 PM on October 1,2012 my brother Aaron was pronounced brain-dead. The only positive out of my brother's tragic death is that we were able to donate his left kidney and his liver. We still have no answers as to why or how this happened to my brother. Olivetas by that I don't mourn for my brother. five short minutes after his death lost my dad's liver cancer.

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