It's not finished yet...but this story is about what I imagine Liz's experience might have been after she died. Even just the small part that I have written does bring me some comfort and peace. :)

She had done it...she had died. She looked around for Damian...but didn't see him. But instead of searching for him more...she went through the tunnel that she had heard about. And she was met on the other side first by her Grandma Shively. Even though she had never met her...she instantly knew her and felt at home with her. Next she was greatly surprised to find the baby that she had lost...and her 3 nieces/nephews that her sisters had lost. You see she had bought into the misconception that they had only been a clump of cells...and never expected to see them. This greatly comforted Liz. She had come to understand without words that she hadn't succeeded in bringing Damian with her. And now that she could think much more clearly...she was very glad that Damian wasn't there. She could have a lot of peace that her husband had one of their children with him...and that she had the other with her.

Next she saw the rest of her grandparents...including her Grandma Kay who she had also never met. And the two of them sat down and talked for a while. Liz couldn't quite get over going from having no grandmothers to having two. And she found that one of the voids she hadn't even realized that she felt in life was now full. And although Kay felt for her daughter, son-in-law and remaining grandchildren...she was thrilled to have one of her grandchildren in heaven.

At this point Liz realized that she felt very different from how she had felt her entire life. She now knew the truth...especially how loved she was. And she knew that she was going to like her new life here very much.

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