My Husband, Hoss Howard, 'Man in your Dreams' Song

Above links, will introduce you to my life. My love past over May 22nd, 2013.

Grief keeps Penetrating my Fantasy that my musician husband is on tour for the summer & will be home by fall. There is no escaping this suffering. The mourning of my husband, my life, my love, my connection that was shared each day to this other energy that had infused itself with mine. That now, feels like a leg has been torn from my body without permission. I have no balance and keep going in circles. 

This invasion into my soul keeps me from coming to terms with this new reality. I must look within and trust myself, to find shelter from the natural world.  

But that is where my emotions reside now. All human intellect is removed, it is a primordial state of being.  The only way that I can explain this state, it is the polar opposite of ecstasy.  

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