My little mother died on august 30th 2011.  I have talked to her every morning for I can't even remember how many years She lived in Denmark and I live here in the US.  We talked thru skype. Some years ago she had breastcancer.  It went well.  Then all of a sudden in march this year it came back, badly badly.  I managed to get home to see her and we had a wonderful time.  I so love my little mother. I left Denmark on July 6th.  I did ask her if she needed me to come back.  She said NO.  You set foot on that plane and I could be dead already.  NO    I got one brother living in Germany and 1 in Denmark plus my wonderful sister, who made it possible for my mother to die at home.  She took time off from work to take care of my mom as long as  it took.   What strengh she must have. My  mother called me on the phone about 50 hours before she died, just to say good by to me and my husband, who she loved too. She said she did not think she was going to last much  longer  To the people who was around her she said, there was 3 parts to her life.  Before my dad, with my dad and after my dad.(well that is what I think She meant)  All parts had ups and downs, BUT she loved her life (she was a nurse)

I am so empty, eventhough I have a wonderfull husband and a dog and 2 cats. I have nothing to complain about


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