My beloved mom have been 11 years that I saw her last and I do love her more than anything else in this world. We had too many dreams that will never come through that is to hug each other and I would tell her how much I miss her during all this time we were away from each other. The things she though me have been changed my life. She was the most kind and sweet person I ever know. Life was short to her when I was planning to go where she was to see her already to late she will never see me again in this life. I am having a terrible pain, I wish I could stop the clock or time and go back to see her even for one second and let her know how much I love her. I believe that she will stay alive for a few days more would not go to soon. I sent a flower to her funeral, was delivery in the middle of the night all roses was closed early in the morning open and alive, I heard the flowers was beautiful in my heart I am feeling that  she let me know that she knows I love her. I read this Immortals are met among the flower even if, refined one cannot leave the ordinary world. My mom had a terrible life always I wish life would be better for her. I wish she is here now and call me to drink lemon glass tea as usual or I can pick flowers in back yard and give her she always says Dinner is ready wash your hands with sweet voice.

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