I just posted this on line, in rely to how people are so mean to each other.

You are so right!  Most people don't want to helpful or kind to the those perceived to be weak.  My son was that way.  He always went out of his way to help others.  He was a very quiet, but extremely intelligent individual.  When he was in Boy Scouts the leader knew when they would go camping to always tent the boys who were either retarded, or ADHD, or autistic with my son Brad.  Because Brad would always help those boys, and treat them as an equal. 

Once when we were at summer scout camp, I went to the outhouse and as an adult announced myself before I entered.  The voice of the scout who was tenting with Brad told me not to come in, because he had just pooped all over himself.  He was trying not to poop in the  outhouse for the entire week of summer camp.  (For those of you who never used an outhouse.  When you sit

in an outhouse the air blows up the seat holes).  I got my son Brad, and told him the situation.  I told him to go into their tent and get a change of clothes, and get **** out of the outhouse.  Then take him to the long way around to the showers and get **** cleaned up.  Finally don't talk, or tell anyone what you are doing, or what had happened.  Brad took care of it, and never told another person what had happened. 

If it had been anyone else, the scout in the outhouse would have had been made fun of for the rest of the week. Or would had had need to be taken home because he was so embarrassed.

There are many other times he went out of his way for others with no reward for himself.  I could write all night about how kind he was.  How other parents told me they wished their kids were as kind, and as thoughtful Brad.

Brad never cared about the usual B.S. in the world. As to who all the Hollywood stars were and all the normal B.S. most people thought was important.  He had very few friends in person, only on line with other gamers. 

He rarely when out with friends, and only on one date.

He was a straight 'A' student in High School.  He scored 24 hours of a Advance Placement all a perfect '5'.  Scored a 33 on his A.P. test, with a perfect 36 in the Math, and Science portion of the test.  He was an Eagle Scout, Red Cross life guard, a Christian, and active in his local church.

He won four merit scholarships in the school of Mechanical Engineering, at Purdue, after his freshman year. He was never into drugs, never drank alcohol.

He was our only child, and my wife and I LOVE HIM more than life.  He was everything to us.

On December 8, 2011, for some reason Brad walked the several miles from his dorm room at Wiley residence hall at Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN., to the Amtrak station, in Lafayette, IN.  He got there in time for the 7:30 a.m. train to Chicago.  He waited for the announcement of the arrival of the train.  He then jumped on to the tracks and waited for the train to hit him. I will never know why he killed himself.

He died he died instantly when the Amtrak train hit him. He was twenty years old.  I will never know why he killed himself.

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