I miss him so much! He is 30 years old and is the father of 2 beautiful girls, Paige and Leigha. Paige is 4 and is special needs with Down Syndrom. God chose Bryan as Paige's Dad. He loves her so much and loves to play with her, he is so proud of his daughter. Leigha was born on the same day as Paige only 4 years later. She is just 6 months old and starting to roll over. Bryan had so little time with her.

On Nov 28, I was woken by my daughter in law and her father along with 2 men from CN to tell me my son was killed on the job. It was a nightmare...and still is. Every day I relive the moment of these men telling me that Bryan was dead. The fuel train he was on derailed and Bryan was unable to escape from its path.

He loves travelling. As a highschool student he was chosen to go on a Rotary exchange program. He went to Austrailia for 1 year. I missed him so much during that year....How will I endure a lifetime?

He and his wife travelled Europe for 8 weeks before they settled in an started a family. They were married young, he was only 21, so they knew they had time to play before they started a family. When Paige was 2 they traveled back to Australia as a family so he could meet up with old friends 10 years later.

Bryan was not all about fancy cars, big house or keeping up with the neighbours. He was about fun. If he wasn't having fun he didn't do it.

My kids are all so close. I have 4, 3 sons and 1 daughter. They are all suffering terribly...I can't even help them through this. My husband has lost his first born son and is devastated as am I.

We have bad days...then very bad days. Today was a very bad day! 

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