There is little we know about how families grieve over time. Although the field of grief research is growing, we have yet to explore much about family bereavement. And we know even less about what happens to military families who have suffered the death of an active duty soldier.


With the number of military deaths increasing (not just those killed in action but suicides and accidents as well), there is an opportunity for those who know this loss intimately to be involved.


The National Military Family Bereavement Study is seeking people who have lost an active duty soldier since September, 11, 2001, to take part in an online survey that explores these losses. A second phase will involve interviewing some family members three times over a two-year period.


To learn more and take part in this landmark study, go to


Michelle Linn-Gust, Ph.D., President of the American Association of Suicidology, has spent the past nineteen years educating people worldwide about coping with loss and change following the suicide of her younger sister. Her eighth book, Conversations with the Water: A Memoir of Cultivating Hope, chronicles her grief journey as she moves forward beyond the suicide and loss field. Her first book, based on Denise’s suicide, Do They Have Bad Days in Heaven? Surviving the Suicide Loss of a Si..., inspired siblings around the world in their survival after a loved one’s suicide. Learn more about Michelle at


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