new here! looking for support.double murder suicide.

on March 3rd I lost my best friend my sweet mommy and my unique dad and my 21 year old baby brother who never said a bad word about anybody or did anything unkind took the lives of my parents burns down house down then took his own life he left letters 24 the police where they would find it the house burn so long there was virtually nothing left my mom and I we're so close it had a special bond and this is virtually destroying my life family members lashing out on other ones and Blaine being placed on the others because of mis understanding of mental illness such a rollercoaster of mixed emotions I'm only 34 with three small children my mom and dad and I and my brother we all help each other out in order to live and without her in them I'm basically lost in his world she was my everything and I was hers.we live in such a small rural areaand this was 1 of the worst tragedies ever dad have been in this area I refuse to side with family members on people arguing over the property where this took place gets in the way of grieving my sister is literally trying to destroy my life because I took a stand and wouldn't side with her to be spiteful this is such a been such an emotional roller coaster no one seems to understand my pain my loss how my small children will never see how wonderful that their grandmother was in how sweet their uncle Jacob was and here my dad jokes..

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