November 10, 2011...Happy 27th Birthday My Precious Son...I Miss And Love You Conrad So Much...

     I awoke this morning feeling rather beat, sick, but happy to celebrate, at least...the day of my sons birth...for I knew I would be celebrating the second birth day of my son (who would now be 27 years young)....without him...Rather...we would "celebrate"... trying to be in good spirits for the little ones, celebrating his much too short life on this earth...of all the cemetary...where we had to bury my son Conrad, TO BE NO MORE...on January 14, 2010...I had to bury my son because of a gang of punks jumped...and ended his life.....I will never get it, why our system in America, can, and does...favor Murderers, If I killed someone, I would probably get a reduced sentence, via our court system, and be out in 5-10 yrs, yet if you get caught with drugs...the system can and does give them kind...sentences that double, and triple the time of a murderers sentence !!!! 

     The agony of knowing that my son is no longer here with us to live out his almost perfect life with his 7yr old daughter and us family.....and then knowing THAT the pig that killed Conrad is in a dry, comfortable, cozy, (five star, if it was a hotel) home away from home...called the Colorado Youthful Offender System...OOH YEAH THIS IS PUNISHMENT..LET ME EXPLAIN HIS PUNISHMENT...Three Square meals with commissary of whatever in the hell he wants, an education not surpassed in any College...taught by, of all professors, the absolute best healthcare possible, with a crack staff there for his beconing, to be able to work out everyday...mind and soul and body...and the kicker...he will get a Degree, a f#####g DEGREE when he is released in the year 2017...SIX FRIGGIN YEARS......SIX...FRIGGEN......YEARS...... FOR MURDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SOMEBODY WAKE ME FROM THIS NIGHTMARE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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