On April 18, 2013 at 3:42 AM she simply stopped breathing. She had Lung Cancer. We  had been Life Partners for 27 years on April 9th and she was nearing her 70th Birthday on May 12th.

We had known each other for over forty years spending the last 27 as Partners. If she suffered before she died I never knew about it. She was very cavalier never wanting to admit that she was sick. I watched her lose weight and stop many of the activities she so loved. She was so intelligent and fabulous with numbers, holding many accounting positions in her working life. She could, however, fit into any surroundings of her choosing. While we were together we owned several businesses. One was a little café in Pleasant Hill Oregon. The café had been in the community for forty years when we took over. Neither of us had ever even worked in the restaurant business and our dear customers gave us an optimistic 6 weeks until we would fold. Well everyone of them pitched in doing whatever we needed them to do and we were owners for 7 years experiencing real success.

She was so talented; consummate orator, writer, diver, baker and chief cook in our little café. There is nothing she wouldn't tackle and achieve success doing. We were both Texas girls but ended up moving to Oregon and then to California where she ended her life. We spent 24 hours a day together, even working at the same companies prior to our retirement.

It's hard to explain how close we were. The only term I have come up with is "twins". Our personalities fit like a soft set of gloves. We were always on the same page in life. We never had an argument in all those years. We loved each other unconditionally. I can't begin to tell you how hard this is. I feel as though I have lost myself and there is no turning back..........She was my life.

Bless you sweet angel now and forever.


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