Feb. 26, 2013 was supposed to be the beginning of my brothers life. No more medicine but one now he takes none. Seven days in isolation the last day he goes into cardiac arrest. I tried to save him to breathe life into him while my husband did CPR till ambulance got there. The brother I love was not breathing no pulse and I have always been the fixer I could not save him

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Comment by Lynn rich on March 26, 2013 at 8:51pm
My brother had Graves Disease. So he had to take radioactive iodine for his thyroid. So that is why he had to isolated for 7 days. Everything was fine he said he was okay heart rate was up but that was normal for him. Now today makes a month that this tragic invent happened that has changed all of our lives forever. Feb. 26 to March 6 when we had to take him off of the machine. There was a brain swelling brain activity so they told us to go to little rock maybe the brain specialist can help. So we raced there but there was nothing. It turned out to be just the brain stem was working his heart. That was so heart crushing. March 2,2013 my sister and I stayed with him he was looking at us and was so cold so she asked him if he was cold to blink twice and he did. He blinked and looked at us we waved and blew him kisses then he closed his eyes and it went down hill from then on. Is it wrong that I know every second of every moment of this time. It replays over and over. I have lost my uncle, my papaw, my dad, but I have always had my little brother to help me. Losing him is like losing a child. I think I need counseling so I thought I would try this.
Comment by Sarah Bowers on March 26, 2013 at 1:13pm
I'm so sorry about your brother,I know how you feel,only mine was my dad,he always needed me,as he couldn't read or write,and he didnt understand a lot of things,but after he got better all the times,he would ask me to look for a little Apt.for him,as he liked to be on his own,And I always did,but not far from me,I would always have my dad move in with me after every operation,took care of him,washed him,shaved him,dressed him,feed him,but the day he passed,he was all alone,and now in Jan. my only brother passed,and its harder on me losing my brother,thats why Im here,over my brother! May God always bless you and keep you safe,take care

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