Well, we went up to set up a memorial scholarship fund in Andy's name for kids at his school.  To have it in his name and be an on going scholarship we have to have $10,000 in the account.  At the moment it has just $500.  Soon it will have $2500.  The foundation will match every $2000. 

So I'm doing it...I am going to solicit pledges for each mile I can ride (keep in mind I have a painful neuro-muscular disease myself) and I'm also going to use the time on the road and the opportunity when I meet people and they ask what I am riding for to tell them about the good and bad of pain medications.

I will link the donations button on his memorial page so people can make donations to help with this and also on a blog I intend to set up and update as regularly as possible (and I'm a shutterbug so there will be lots of pictures)

My husband's birthday is June 24 and mine is the 26.  The Buffalo Wild Wings locally will often allow fundraisers on Wed.'s if there are people to bus tables and fill drinks. (help out basically) so I'm going to approach them to sponsor me and have June 27th as my send off date from BW's which should hopefully get both them and me some PR..

I HAVE GOT TO DO THIS...Maybe it's part of my healing.  I can't just let him die like he did and not do anything.  I want my son to live on in as many ways possible and I want people to be aware of the need and the dangers of pain meds.  People tend to either think that someone on pain medications are automatically addicts while others don't take them serious enough.  I am one who unfortunately understands all to well both ends of that spectrum and I want to share that and hopefully change things for others.  It would do a whole lot more than some settlement in court that would allow a company or doctor to continue on but just cost their insurance company some money.


So I'm asking for prayers.  And if anyone would like to pledge, donate or even if you keep up with me on my blog and happen to be on my route I'd love meeting people face to face along the way. (God willing I make it a good distance!)  I HOPE to go East to the coast and ride down to and around the coast of Florida (the ocean keeps me inspired and going).  I haven't thought beyond that because, ha, well I'll be amazed if I make it that far! lol If I do..then I'll figure it out from there.  And hey...if anyone wants to ride along...I'm as slow as a snail but it's not a race.

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