Just an ordinary day for us, Pride Day... just an ordinary photo of us riding the city's electric train to the downtown Pride Day parade.  I think we stayed for about 2 hours before heading home to see the dogs.  Every day was Pride Day, for us no need to make a big deal of it because we didn't give a damn what anyone thought.  And I still don't.  But we understood its original intent and significance; we both dealt with discrimination, ignorance, religious bigotry, downright blind hatred of us our entire lives.  I often still do, but alone now.  Being together, our own united front, made it bearable. 

To us we weren't anything special, just another couple trying to eke out a living, keep the creditors and animals fed, not be distracted by society's view.  Yes, when something good like Washington State passing a domestic partnership law we celebrated but just by signing our declaration paperwork and each carrying a We're Registered card in our wallets 'just in case'. 

When our state passed legal marriage we were happy as any who wanted to have one finally could - we scheduled ours at the court house for a Friday the 13th.  It wasn't tempting fate, we'd already been together 22 years.  But as it turns out I'd only be able to freely and legally introduce him as my married partner, spouse, husband, for only another 412 very proud days.


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Comment by Andrew McCullough on June 26, 2015 at 10:01am

Hello, Dear Friend -

Thank you for sharing that thought with me.  Sometimes when I'm feeling particularly morose, which frankly is quite often, I think about how fortunate I was to not have just someone but but to have Tim in particular.  

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, too!


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