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Saturday, June 25th, 2011 started out like every other day. Woke up, started breakfast for the kids, and began my daily rituals of dishes, laundry, and cleaning. I had no idea that this humdrum of a day would turn out to be one of the saddest days in my 31 years. Around 11am I received a call from an old friend, I could tell that she was crying, but didn't know why. The first thing I said was, "Why are you crying, what is wrong?" The next words she said felt like a knife stabbing me in the side, "Its Robin! He had a Heart Attack", then it feels like the knife is being twisted, "...he didn't make it." I am in shock, I can't cry, I can't speak, I CAN'T BREATHE! "Steph, are you there, are you ok, I am so sorry", I snap out of my trance and sit down on the floor, my head is woozy, I feel like I'm going to throwup, but I don't. Instead I begin sobbing. This was my friend, a true friend. A selfless man who put everyone else's needs before his and he was only 41. I loved him, as a friend, as a brother, as a person. I will never get the chance to say, "Goodbye", but I know for sure that he knew that I loved & cared about him and I know he felt the same about me. This is the only way that I can make it thru the days knowing that I can't pick up the phone and give him a call, get in my car and swing by for a visit, or post a quick 'thinking about you' message to his facebook wall. He was a wonderful person, the kind of person only really lucky people knew, and he will be missed something terrible by all that did! R.I.P. Robin Sutton Robertson

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