On August !st 2016, my son Staff Sgt Scott Harmeyer committed suicide. He served 2 tours in Afghanistan. He received the metal of valor and 2 purple hearts. Scott served his country with bravery, honor and valor. He was a dedicated soldier who would of given his own life for any soldier on the battlefield. When Scott got home from the first tour, He called me to say Hi. As we were talking I kept hearing Thanks Harmeyer . I asked my son who was talking to him. Scott said " My platoon's walking by shaking my hand and thanking me for saving their lives.A few soldiers yelled out " I wouldn't be here if it weren't for your son.Scott acted like it was no big thing, Like that was something he did everyday. My son had a humble heart. But my heart was more than proud to be his mother. What an honor to be his mom.

When I think back on August 1st 2016,I think about my son being so far from me in Colorado Springs. How alone he must of felt. The pain and torment that grieved his heart. I went to talk to my Pastor trying to deal with my grief. My Pastor said to me Psalms 23: verse 4 " Yeah thou I walk through the valley of " shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For thou art with me. My Pastor said to me my son did not die alone for Jesus was with him every step of the way. Even thou my heart grieves I find comfort in my Lord.

My son died on that battlefield on august 1st 2016. As his mother I will not allow how Scott died to be his final legacy But how he lived his life.

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