Connected spirits like twins born years apart

You intuitiive to my survival, my life, my heart beat

As though you heard the beat in the womb

Guardian protector of light my sister, my friend

What is it but love that distracts wrath

Turning it your direction telling demons "Stow It"

And knowing wood splintered into your flesh

A given sacrifice offered freely sparing my flesh

Only to be given later again and again as willingly

I am dying again one more time of grief, lungs stop,

Breath stops, heart will stop

Twin soul skips school hearing Tunkasila call

I am struck from behind shaply, unexpectedly

A fist hard blow of your hooky from 7th grade into my back

My heart beats again and breath of life sucks into lungs

The heart still not knowing how to live, beating a

Drum to learn to live

Later My sister, My friend alone, broken, abandoned

Afraid, you sent me all you had in the world, everything to you

When I was physically broken by another's carelessness

And senseless violence. Again saving me.

You gave so much, sacrificed everything of nothing that you had

I keep dying to myself, the heart still learning to live

Only your voice in the wind on Spirit's mist may save me now

if I listen. Still I live and cannot live.

I know you understand. I always knew as I am

So connected to you that down inside you gave so much

Because you knew the same pain and couldn't figure out how to live

I doubt dying taught living. Living teaches that.

I am certain your heart taught giving and sacrifice.

I also knew deeply that all you every really wanted was to be loved!

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