Six months after my Soulmate Passed, My Mother did too

Rose, it's almost the anniversary of Moms passing into Gods Hands and although you were sniped at for driving slow and weaving (she wasn't supposed to be driving) I and Mom appreciate you visiting her after her cognitive damage after her Epidural Hematoma.

When my mother had a fall and was taking blood thinners for prior strokes when she went to the North Central Baptist Hospital in San Antonio they triaged her and sent into the waiting room...3 hours later my mother said her last real understandable words "oh God" and collapsed.

The hospital then took her seriously and did a CT afterward they said it was so bad they didn't have the facilities to care for her so she was choppered to BAMC (military hospital) where they said it was too late and that the damage was done.

My wife hardly being able to walk herself without aid drove to the hospice where my my mother was. My Rose got flipped off and yelled at because of her driving but she went anyway (against my advice).

By the time my Rose passed away my mother was even lesscognitive and you couldn't tell whether she was understanding what you were saying.

That killed me because my mother was my rock of stability and I could tell her but I couldn't tell whether it was sinking in and worse she couldn't give me advice.

God mercifully took my Mother just about 6 months after my Rose passed in her sleep. The family was there for my Mothers last breath and that helped a lot that we got to help her all the way to the end.

It was a double whammy. The two most important and loved women in my life passed into Gods Hands and left me without a womens point of view, advice, love, talks, etc.

I can't go on with this post any longer as it is bringing it all back (the service part).

God bless,
Fred Dunn

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