Back in Oct.2010 , I went to the Dr. a week after my dad passed away.An apt. that I had been avoiding but yet needing so much.I had almost a yr. of grief that I was going through from the loss of my sister and now I had lost my Dad.My Dr. said he thought what I was going through was a temporary situation,with the stress and depression that filled my life.So I go on antidepressants and anxiety meds.They somewhat seemed to work.I had pain and tears,but they weren't as bad as I expected.I had 4 refills.Dr. didn't explain to me how dangerous these meds were according to printout instructions.It says DO NOT STOP taking w/out Dr. orders.So I'm thinking, ok,on the last refill I will just wean myself off them. At the end of my 3rd refill,I called in refill #4,that was on a thursday,well friday and the weekend went by,and on Monday I realized I hadn't taken meds in 4 days,well maybe I don't need refill #4 ! That night I realized the medication was still in my system and now it's not cuz like a flick of a light switch my mood went from my state of mind to a crash of an onflow of pain and tears.The swings didn't last very long, maybe 10/15 mins. at a time.So the next morning I'm at the pharmacy to get the meds.So I no longer am covered through my insurance,and instead of $9. the total is $117.I leave w/out meds.I don't know ! That is my most common reply for everything,cuz I DON'T !If I knew this is what I'd be going through 4 months later I would not have got on the meds,but too late for that.My life has been a rollercoaster ride but this ride beats em all !!

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