Shortly before his death, my husband and I began to talk a lot about death and thing we would do and how we would go. It is very strange the way it played out after talking about the ways we thought we would go it happened.


 I said I wanted to be hit from behind by a semi truck it seamed as if it would be instant death no pain or fear. We were on Vacation, in Macon, Georgia and a flash flood rainstorm came out of nowhere, and we were in a car accident our car hydroplaned and spun across the freeway and hit the guardrail. We decided to get out of the car to see the damages. That is when it almost happened a semi truck was heading right towards me. My husband only had a second to say jump and for the first time I did not say why and I did it and some how I jumped and cleared the guard rail and ran about 6 trees deep into the forest. Then heard a loud crash the truck hit our car right in the spot where I was standing. The truck driver was sure he hit me he was looking under his truck to find me. He was so happy when he saw me crawling up the hill covered in Georgia red mud. As I was hugging him and he was crying he yelled oh my god another truck was coming straight towards me and I did the same thing but this time I stayed in the forest until the police came and got us off the freeway. My husband saved my life. After the we got in the police car with the driver of the truck we started talking and he felt so bad but was worried he would be fired so we made a deal with the company we will not sue your company if you promise not to fire the driver. He was a good man and I was alive.


He said he wanted to go on a motorcycle with the wind blowing in is hair a doing some thing he loved to do. He said he would be driving down the road very fast and hit something head on. I had forbidden my husband from owning a motor cycle because I loved him so much and knew he would kill him self if he owned one.. But against my wishes his father decided to buy him one. My husband called and told me guess what my dad bought me a bike! That day my heart sank, I could not believe what I just heard. He did what? Is he stupid he knows you are a bad driver Why? I had no say so in the matter since I was not living with him at the time. We were living a part at the time But I told my husband I hope your dad is prepared to know that he gave you the tool to kill your self. Kind of mean to say but it was the fact and I was mad and hurt. It was two days before our 22-year marriage Anniversary when it happened. We were trying to get each other to come to the places we were so we could spend the day together and we were both being stubborn and saying no I do not want to go there.  That day June 4th 2008 my husband called and said on the phone baby you will come for our anniversary I know it, I love you and we hung up the phone. Well it happened much sooner than we expected during a hard time in our marriage. He was heading home from work on his motorcycle on a mountain road and he hit a car head on. He took a turn to wide and never saw it coming no brakes were used.  It was a fatal accident he was killed on impact. It was June 4th at 10pm aprox. His sister came to my door to tell me. It felt as if I died too. I was crushed and tears flowing my body and mind went numb. The next night I was on a plane to Arkansas and landed on June 6th our wedding anniversary. The happiest day of my life is now the saddest day of my life. When I landed at the airport, I look into the sky and said you bastard you got me here, you stopped my death from happening and saved me, and you took your way out. I know it was an accident and he is not a bastard he is a great man that I loved with all my heart and always will. He was my everything he made me who I am today and I thank him for 22 great years. It’s been hard but I am glad to be alive.


We also said that who ever died first would try to prove to the other that there is an after life by throwing a silver dollar across the room and letting it hit the wall. Well Silver dollars are hard to find here on earth this day and age I can hardly get one from a bank or even Vegas they are all gone. So maybe that is why I get dimes instead. Just a thought I do not know. But I find dimes when ever I need him the most.

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