Becky was an amazing woman. She was vibrant and funng. She loved her husband and children and family. She left three children age 10, 9 and 7. She would do anything for those boys. She was a nurse, an lpn and put her career on hold to take care of her boys. She got an embroidery machine and started a business. She was an amazing sister. She was my best friend and was always there for me. I lived on her couch many times when i was goig through change in my life like divorce and going back to school. I am lost without her. I have to be strong bc i cant do what i want to do which is jusy stay in bed. I have 6 kids, a husband, a family all depending on me to not be the grieving person and be strong. I want to be happy again. I cant seem to enjoy anything. I live in a small town where becky also lived and we grew up in. They have been awesome and are very supportive. But seeing everyone that knew her and cared abkut her is not always good. I have lied so many times by saying i am doing good. I make it appear that way on the outside but on the inside i am just lost. I smile to hide the pain. I hold in the tears. I celebrated my birthday alone for the first time. It sucked of course. My son celebrated my sons second birthday knowing he would never remember his aunt becky. It sucks. I dont have any other words to say except it sucks!

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