Well Amy, another holiday is coming and you are not here. I feel a little different this time, but just can't get in the mood to celebrate. Dad, as I said, is a little more depressed than the first two years. We can't believe its over 3 yrs and this is the 4th Thanksgiving without you to share with us and eat like a pig!!!! Pie and cool whip, mmmmm

We plan on going to Johns for dinner, just a few of us. Last year it snowed and I think everyone ended up staying home. We should be taking gram Masher with us. Other wise, it just isn't a special day anymore. I told Missy to let Cecelia come over wed to spend some time with me and give her a break. I wish you could be here to see her grow up, she is so like you in so many ways. She seems to see you and talks about you like she has. Maybe you can tell her something special like the name of our cat, Buddy and tell her to tell us he is with you and gramp and the others. Buddy, Sporty, something on that order. Or mention the flying squirrel buddy caught that is on the wall, lol. That would be spectacular and I will watch for any signs from you to her. She is so special like you were and still are.

MIssy legs or feet have been swelling up on her and so far no one knows what is causing it. Hopefully they find out and its not something too serious.

Everyone that is working is on long hours and by the time they get home, its bed time. Its just been stressful for all. Dad and John are on the long days. Some of the others are not working at all and that is taking a toll on all involved. Its like no one can get ahead.

We had car problems, then car problems again. Now we owe the mechanic more money. Dad wants to get laid off. I hope he retires soon. He so wanted you to see that day and we hope you are watching from above. We are having a hard time without you, but things havent changed much. We still argue all the time, lol. You used to be my support!!!! I guess I can still talk to you. Maybe we ask for too much or not the right things, but somehow we go on the best we can.

We will always miss you and your friends on facebook, say so too. You were one of a kind and no one will ever replace you or the void you left in our hearts.

We love you forever and ever and we will have to just wait til we meet again and then we too wont have a care in the world. Let's hope any new deaths are in order as it should be and not out of order. Everyone says a child is supposed to outlive their parents, well sometimes it just doesnt happen that way.  You and many on this site have proven that. So now you are an official angel and we hope you got your wings.


Watch over all the new babies being born from your buds to your brother Mike and Angel.


love mom and dad


we still have lots of tears left to shed, they just won't stop

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