I posted a note to you wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and that it was our 3rd without you, and somehow I deleted it. So once again, we got through. I kinda had a hard time. I didn't want to do dinner without you. So it was just me and dad here alone. We didnt even eat at the table. We seem to be on different tracks lately. You know how we used to be and I would confide in you. I can't do that now. It's me and gram keeping each other sane. She is just as heart broken as we are. We can't seem to get past that you are not here. A lot has been going on, marriages, babies and divorces of family and or friends. I sure hope you see all that.

Well, its late. I havent been sleeping much at night, and then I end up sleeping all morning. Just like you loved to do on weekends. So now I do it for both of us. Did you ever think you would not have to worry about that ever again? I guess not.

I have to say, I am mad at you but I need to forgive you. I will work on it.

ok, time to go.

luv ya




ps: here is a pic of your niece. she is so cute and so reminds us of you at her age. she will be 3 in jan. We tell her all about you and she knows you in your picures that we have everywhere here and at her house.

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