The Challenge of Coping With Death

Death is and always will be the enemy of mankind.  It was not our Heavenly Father original purpose for mankind to live, grow old and then die.  The pain associated with the loss of one's love one is so deep and unending that it is indescribable if one tries to describe the level and intensity of the pain.  Just knowing that you will not see your love one tomorrow or to even be able to speak with them - leaves a high-level of disbelief to the situation.  You pulled their last voice mail - you listen to the music they loved - you look for items that once belonged to them, you call out their name knowing that they can not hear you and you beg for just one more day to hold, hug and kiss your loved one.  

So where does that leave those of us who are alive?  It teaches us to value the NOW.  To love in the NOW.  To kiss in the NOW and to hold in the NOW.  We have heard testimony after testimony - the longing for just one more moment with their lost loved one.  So while those of us who are alive and can express love - do so.....only the living can hear and feel the love we share with them. (Eccl 9:5) 

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