I wrote this poem during the grieving of my Mother's death.  Within this poem was God's answer to my question.


                 THE MASTER'S PLAN

Mom softly called me on the phone one day
Come go with me, help me prepare for my going away.
We quietly picked her casket, dusty rose and pink
Her makeup she wanted done by Johnny her godson.
She asked me to type her program - the Order of Service plan
The songs to be sung, the scripture to be read
She had laid it all out way far up ahead.
As she pulled out instructions of what should be done,
I asked her, What are you doing?  Are you going away?
She said not to worry, she was not going yet
But little did I know the Master's plan was met.
I became confused and worried within my mind
Why my Mom was in a hurry - Why I had become so worried.
Then one night an angel appeared and sat beside my bed
His hand in mine and mine in his
A shadow of peace the Angel had released.
The peace encamped me round about
A glimpse of Heaven - I had no doubt.
I did not want to let go as the Angel released my hand
But I'm quite sure he had to return
Commissioned back to Heaven's land.
I talked to Mom on Saturday
We were scheduled to meet at noon
I told her my head hurt, but I would see her soon.
She said that's okay, my business now is done
I'll see you on Monday, call before you come.
But Monday never came
For on Sunday the Angel welcomed her
No one never knew to expect
That her peaceful soul went to God for rest.
I cried and cried,
Why did she go?  I wanted to know.
God said I loaned her to you
She fought the fight, she finished her course,
Her life on earth was through
God let me know He knew my hurt, He felt my pain
Joy will come in the morning
One day I'll see her again.
Mom's not far
She's in the Upper Room
Ready to sit at the table
The Bride and the Groom.

RIP 1999 - God's answer to my question

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