In the fall of 2005, we were in to the second trimester of Gi’s pregnancy with Alaina; there were ultrasounds ordered at Pennsylvania Hospital.  We didn’t know if Alaina was to be a boy or a girl.  The doctor reviewed the images and asked if we wanted to know the sex.  We decided we did and we were told that we were to expect a girl.

“I can tell you that I am ninety-five percent certain you’re having a girl,” he said.  “The baby is covering up pretty good, but I am that sure you’re having a little girl.”

Timmy was at school.  We picked him up and asked if he wanted to know a secret.

“Yes.”  Timmy said, “Of course I do.”

We told Tim that he is still going to be a big brother; however he was having a little sister.

“Are you sure?”  Tim asked he leaned forward.

“Yes Monk,” I said.  “The doctor told us he is ninety-five percent sure the baby is going to be a girl.”

Tim scrunched up his face.  “So there’s a five percent chance he could be wrong?”

His mother turned to face him.  “Don’t you want a brother or sister?”

Tim sat back a little.  “I do.  I was kind of hoping for a brother to be honest. But I’m just saying he could be wrong, even if it’s a five percent chance.”

No matter.  Tim loved his sister…still does.  This past Christmas, we went to lay the grave blanket made from our tree trimmings.  Alaina cried knowing that she doesn’t have him in her life the way he should be.

“Why did he have to die?  He was the best brother a girl could have.”  Alaina said sobbing at Tim’s graveside.  I wish I had the answers for her; to either confirm or deny it was part of a divine plan.  I can only answer that the God I believe in only took Timmy because his injuries were too severe.  He would have been a shell of the boy he was.  Sadly, I know he wouldn’t have survived his injuries.  For a ninety-five percent sister, Timmy did love Alaina, as he loved his family.

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Comment by Susan - Donny's Mom on December 31, 2012 at 3:22pm

So touching Martin!  Wishing you a safe and warm New Years......more peace for all of us in 2013.  Was great chatting with you.


Comment by Barbara Rieger on December 31, 2012 at 11:13am

Tim looks extremely content and happy holding his 95 per cent sister Alaina.

You son Tim experienced some things in life that unfortunately many never do. He learned to love and be loved because he was love. He has the sweetest and most handsome face that any parent would want for their son.

You and his mother did a good job in providing what Tim needed. One significant goal in life is to be happy and to be loved. In his life from reading the messages from you it's obvious that Tim had been happy and loved.

You continue to be a good dad. All our children took with them was the love and you and his loved ones continue to send Tim love. I'm sending Tim love because with a heart and face like Tim's I can't nothing but love.

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