My name is lynna Moore .I lost my oldest son mark Moore on Labor Day Sept 2,2013. He went to great falls with some friends they where sitting on the rocks mark decide it to go into the water on the river edge not knowing the under tones in the water that took him 100 feet out he tried to swim back to shore but the current pull him back out.and he never came back up out the water. The search team went out for 3days looking for his body on the 4th day a person that was boating saw a body floating face down in the water and they call the police they had the body remove from the water.My brother verified the body it was breaking news on tv that they pull a body out of the Potomac river.My brother call me and said that it was mark body .I fell to the floor.I was praying that maybe he made it to the shore and was in the hospital .Thats what I was praying for ,but it was him.The pain of losing a child is so deep, people say it will get better in time. But it just seem like it get worst.And I hate when people ask how I am doing I know they are trying to be nice but sometimes I want to say how do you think I am doing.the pain hurts so bad and I ask god to please give me strength.

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Comment by Rebecca sue martin on November 12, 2013 at 12:29am

Honey I lost my Mark Martin on aug9 2003 Now 10 years has pass and it doesn't get any easier everyday I think of my baby boy and how they carried him out of the lake and place  him in my arms . My other son Tommy was there and so was my babygirl  and their screams still echo in my mind and heart . Mark was just 17 . I miss him still . I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but I don't .Just take it one breath at a time some days that all I can do I cant even think about tomorrow are even the next hour I just have to take it one second at a time .. This pain never goes away it is and always will be a part of you for ever more .it is who you are now and that ok .God Bless you .one lost momma to another .Rebecca Martin



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