There Is Hope For The Victims And Survivors Of Suicide

Many wonder if their loved one who has died from suicide has committed the "unforgiveable sin"?

While the idea, thought, and act of suicide is repulsive and saddens most people and God, it, the act of suicide, is highly discouraged as a last resort or option for those who are contemplating this deadly act. We as individuals should never make snap judgments concerning someone who has succumb to suicide. That is Jehovah God's call. However, there IS POSSIBLE hope for those who have committed suicide.

God, who has the ability to read the heart and mind of us all, knows the inner most feelings of what we as humans are dealing with. He, Jehovah, is cognizant of what motivates us to say and do certain things. He is aware of a person's "painful spots" or adverse circumstances within their life. God is also aware of those who fit the description of this Bible verse at Proverbs 14:13 which says: "EVEN IN LAUGHTER THE HEART MAY FEEL PAIN, AND REJOICING MAY END IN GRIEF." That shows that it can/may be difficult at times to see or discern when our loved one is silently, quietly, suffering inside their heart and mind.

The Bible verse at Ecclesiastes 7:7 is so very true when it says: "BUT OPPRESSION CAN DRIVE THE WISE ONE INTO MADNESS..." or "MERE OPPRESSION MAY MAKE A WISE PERSON ACT CRAZY...." There are many many variables and chronic adverse situations that can take a significant toll on one's well being, peace of mind, and one's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. As a result, chronic or clinical depression and it variables may set in and take root in a person's life. Once this happens negative emotions and actions may surface or become manifest in the form of irrational behavior and speech. Or it may be just the opposite: NO SIGNS AT ALL.

Deep down inside the one battling severe or chronic depression, because of a possible chemical imbalance or internal medical issues or because of external factors that they feel are out of their control; would love for the problem to go away; but they "see no light at the end of the tunnel" or they may feel within their heart that their life is a hopeless situation, or they may feel that no one will understand what they are dealing with and so the sad, tragic event or act of suicide takes place......Fortunately, and thankfully, Jehovah is the ultimate Authority, the ultimate "say", and Judge as to who will be forgiven for the act of suicide, not humans....

Interestingly, the word suicide does not appear in the Bible, nor the idea that suicide is an "unforgiveable sin". The Scriptures do however, clearly state what IS the "unforgiveable sin" (Matthew 12:31,32: Luke 12:10: Mark 3:29). Blaspheming only, against the holy spirit is grounds for not being forgiven by Jehovah God Himself. Or blatantly denying the operation of holy spirit which is a product of God Himself. So blaspheming against His holy spirit is like a personal attack against God.

Suicide has nothing to do with blaspheming against Jehovah God and His holy spirit; but is has everything to do with us being imperfect, and as the Psalmist expressed it, we are mere "dust" (Psalms 103:14).

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