A couple years ago Tim drove my big black convertible over the mountains from Seattle to Kennewick for an overnight visit with his mom, Arlis Wennberg.  Shown is the result of 1) not using sunscreen and 2) driving a big black convertible 80 mph through the high desert of Eastern Washington. 

I first met his mom in the early 1990s, shortly after we'd moved in together.  His Grandpa Oak passed away, left his mom a car that needed to be transported over the pass to Kennewick.  She fixed us lunch on their deck overlooking the Columbia River.  Little sandwiches with the crust cut off (for real) and fresh vegetable slices from her garden.  She offered me the plate of cucumber spears, adding "they're burpless."  You just get lucky sometimes, get to love someone who is so sweet and sincere from the moment you meet. 

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