Today marks 6 months. 

I am going to commemorate it by eating the other half of a frozen pizza Tim had made himself from scratch, dough and sauce to boot.  I found it last week.  It'll probably taste like a mastodon chipped from the tundra of Siberia but throwing it out just doesn't seem right.  Too salty for the vegetable garden compost, certainly not something the dogs may have ("no means no"), so I'll eat it.  If I'm unpleasant to be around while I do all of the lifting of the boxes and furniture during our office move tomorrow I'll have an excellent excuse (but without apologies).

I keep this little note from Tim in my bag, just in case.

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Comment by Andrew McCullough on July 30, 2015 at 9:04am

I chickened out (had that for dinner instead).

I just couldn't do it. 

You gotta know when you're not ready for something and last night I wasn't. 

I was in a decent mood, took the dogs for a truck ride, had a glass of wine, watered the tomatoes and pumpkins, enjoyed my new neighbors not being home (they're too nice) (I really need to build a fence) (how much does concertina wire cost anyway?) and despite it being excessively hot for Seattle it was a pretty evening so why make myself feel sad on purpose?  That comes naturally enough without an engraved invitation.

That and I don't like pizza. 

Okay, his I'd eat because he was a kitchen wizard and for real nobody else's crusts of any kind could ever hope to come close to his but pizza in general nearly never sounds like a good idea, with or without his thumb and finger indentations on it still visible.

Maybe on his birthday come November : )

(stay tuned)

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