Sometimes I wish I could rent one of those trucks and pack up all the pain and sorrow in my heart.  It would take several to do the job.  Grief is quite possibly the hardest and heaviest burden to bear. It is something that many of us feel we have to carry alone.  That is only partially true.  The path of grief is ours alone to walk, but we can have company from time to time so that the path isn't quite so lonely.  

There are people in our lives who want to help us heal, to help us continue living; this includes the loved ones we've lost.  Those people are just waiting for us to ask for help.  They will gladly help shoulder the burden for a little while and allow us to breath and walk up-right for a bit.  It's important for us to not allow ourselves to get sucked into that vortex of thinking, "I've got to handle this alone".  

Today, I want you to stop for a minute, breath, and look around you.  Look at the missed phone calls, un-answered emails, ignored text messages.  Those are all from people who care and want to help.  Let them.  They may not always say the right thing or do what you feel is needed, but they are at least making the effort.  And they'll never truly do what is necessary unless you let them know what is needed.  If you just need them to sit with you, tell them that.

This subject reminded me of a great song from one of my favorite shows.  It makes me cry every time I hear it, even more so now, since losing Barry.  Give it a listen.  If it makes you want to cry, then by all means, cry.  Crying is healthy.

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Comment by Christopher Ruggles on December 7, 2012 at 12:49am

And the embed code didn't work, so here's the link:

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