Hi Amy, we came to visit Sat with your niece Cecelia. She is so inquisitive and kept asking, why? why? in such a cute voice to our telling her you and all those there are in heaven. Again, she asked, why?

WE dont know what to tell her, but told her GOD needed you all.

We then put a gummie bear for you and made her think you came to get it while we walked around a bit. She is so adorable and you would have loved to be with her. She looks just like you, even tho she is your brothers child and it hurts us to know she is growing up without you here in person. We tell her about you all the time. She knows all of your pictures. She plays with things I have saved that were yours when you were little. Stuffed animals, blankies, toys and the wooden rocker gram mashher bought for you. You know how I save things, lol. I am slowly getting rid of stuff that no longer has use or no one needs or is soiled. I cry when I do it. I feel I am throwing you away and the memories. So I take pics and put them in my pc. Need to put them on cd before I lose them. I have tons of cards from you to me and dad and from us to you. I treasure them so much.

Kristen and a few others have said hello to you and or posted on your facebook account. they miss you too. Shine down and send signs, like the butterflies we see. We know they are you or you sent them. All the babies that were born are getting big. Again, too bad you are not here to see them or even have had your own!!!!

Your brother, Mike will be a dad sometime in Jan. Hope I am in a better mood by then.

So, until next time, know that we miss and love you so very very much. Say hi to all the family with you. Gram masher also says hello and sends her love.


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