I guess that I should start this by telling my mom's crisis story. On November 17, 2009 I called my mother to check on her since she wasn't feeling well. She told me that she felt like she was having chest pains and I told her to go to the E.R. She said that she had a Dr.'s appointment later that afternoon and would be fine, that she just needed to rest. I knew better but she was stubborn.
At 1:30 that afternoon while I was at the hospital with my friends grandfather, taking shifts keeping him company. I got a phone call from my uncle informing me that my mother was taken by ambulance to another hospital. I called my step dad for information on what was wrong with my mom, and was told that she was in surgery and they would call when they had more information. Well...one thought quickly led to another and fear started creeping in. So I made arrangements for someone else to sit with my friends grandfather and went to the hospital where mom was.
When I got there and met my family in the CICU waiting area it seemed like hours went by waiting for news about mom. Finally the Dr.'s told us that we could go see her 2 at a time. When I got to her room and got a look at all the machines, I felt like my heart had stopped. My mom was awake enough to tell me that they had to put in a temporary pacemaker, I remember holding her hand trying to be strong, and watching her lay there in the most awful pain, wishing that I could take it all away. After about 4 hrs. mom finally got the rest that she needed. I am really blurry about alot of the details. I don't remember if she ever spoke again or not.
The next day we were told that they had to put pressure cuffs on her to divert the blood flow from her arms, and legs so that the heart could try and mend itself. We were also told that she was in full kidney failure. I remember holding mom's hand and how cold she was. I tried to rub her to warm her up. But, to no avail. As there was no blood flow to those parts. My mom began swelling and everything went down hill from that point on.
On November 20, 2009 mom crashed and they had to intubate her. That night I went to her room while everyone else was gone, we were finally alone. I caressed her head and sang the song I'll fly away, one of her gospel favorites. I also told her that it was ok to pass. And just made one request. That when she got to heaven that she would begin working on mine and my child's mansions.
The following day it was suggested to us that we might consider pulling life support since her condition was not going to get better. My family and I knowing that mom didn't want to be kept alive like that made the decision to pull life support later that evening. Mom finally came to rest at heavens gates at 4:27 P.M. on November 21,2009.
Since then I have had several visits from my mom. The most vivid one was the first Sunday after Thanksgiving. My husband and I decided to go to church. I had told my husband that if they play the song I'll fly away I will have to leave because I couldn't handle it, not this soon. Well we made it through the singing when the pianist asked to do a special. My only though was crap I can't do this. When she began to play I started to cry. This wasn't a song I couldn't hear but instead another one that I needed to hear. She sang build my mansion next door to Jesus........And from that moment on I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that my mother had gone to be with our Lord and Savior.
(Mom if you are reading this ILY and IMY with AMHAS)

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Comment by Cheyanne Eubanks on October 7, 2010 at 4:55am
My mom's nick name was feather and that was what almost everyone called her. Well a few months back I was in a confined spot and happened to notice the tiniest of feathers in the most uncommon space. And from that day on when I see a feather or a bird tries to dive bomb me...I naturally think of my mom and know that it is her way of making contact with me.
For instance one evening I was outside letting my daughter ride her bike in the school parking lot and as I stood there watching her I heard a loud pop and something smack the ground behind me. When I turned around there was nothing there. I asked my daughter if she saw what had happened. And with a sheepish grin and a giggle she said " yea mom a bird hit the power line." I asked if the bird was ok and she said no it is on the ground behind you. Sure enough when I turned around, there on the ground about 4 inches behind me was a bird lifeless. Her and I both agreed that grandma Feather was trying to tell me something and before I must have been ignoring the signs because this time instead of sending a single feather she sent the WHOLE BIRD!!!!!! We share this moment almost weekly for nothing more than the laughter. (Keep right on sending the birds mom ILY and IMY with AMHAS)

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