When it rains, and you are alone, it can feel like a deluge!

I had an automobile accident Saturday (1-4-2014 lovely way to bring in the New Year with a bang, right?).  My van is totaled. I have NO IDEA how I will go about replacing it!

 At least I still have John's car, right?  I thought so, but this morning when I go to use it to keep my doctor's appointment. ... nothing, not even a clicking noise.  Gas? Yes, over half a tank.  In park? Yes.  Sigh. One more attempt. Click, Now what?

 Call and cancel my doctors appointment.  Thank God for understanding doctor and his sweet wife who took my call. Joy, is such a wonderful lady. So thankful I found her husband to be my primary care physician. They have both been great, and exceptionally caring since John's death. She tells me not to worry about my appointment and that they will work me in whenever I am able to come.  Just call back and she will make an appointment for me whenever I can make it.

 Then I call friend to cry on someone's shoulder for a few minutes and to see if she can take M'Lady and me to the vet tomorrow if I can't get the car repaired today.  Find out tomorrow the temps will be in the single digits.  For South Carolina that is freaking COLD!!  Tell her I will reschedule!!  She tells me if I need anything, call and she will be right here.  Thank you God for friends, yet again!  Now what? ....

Ah!  Call the auto repair shop and mechanic we've used since 1998.  They no longer make 'house calls'/service calls, no longer have a wrecker service.  Now what?  And yes, by now I'm in tears, like crying is going to help something.  Auto club!! The one you failed to call after your wreck.  Lets hope the auto insurance covers that tow.  Anyway, they will send someone out within the next 90 minutes.  That's fine.  No rush, not going anywhere today.  

Now Lord, what do I do?  How in the world will I ever replace my van without ending up having to make payments on something again!!  I can't afford payments on anything again!  

I need to obtain notarized copies of some document so I can mail them in to the Canadian government.  Applying for OAS, as John's survivor.  Asked them what i needed to send back in October.  It takes them til January to tell me they need more documents.  It would have been so easy to send them everything back in October, when I was functioning better and when I still have a mode of transportation. But NO, they futz around til now before telling me what other documents they need.  


Hopefully, Kevin can get my car fixed tomorrow and by Wednesday....Thursday at the latest please Lord,  I can go see about obtaining those documents and getting them in the mail.  

What next?  

Pain meds, and bed I think.  My legs are killing me where the air bags deployed and slammed against my shins.  Thank you God, M'Lady wasn't injured.  Thankful for the carseat a friend gave me for her and that I had her harnessed in.  Thankful that the gentlemen in the car I hit wasn't seriously injured.  Two cracked ribs..  that's bad enough, but very very thankful he did not suffer any major injuries.  His little Nissian was also totaled.  :(  Poor man, but what a true gentleman he was about everything.  

I have no idea where to begin to try to find another van. Has to be a van, so I can carry my chair.  Perhaps it would be cheaper to get a lift for the back of the car.  The last one sat too low and we ended up selling it, but maybe I could find something better this time.  At least then I wouldn't have to worry about payments.  But the car is 14 years old.. How long will it last?  What do I do?  How do I figure out what is best? 

More prayer.

One step at a time.  Right now, get the key for the car off the keychain and get ready for the wrecker to come for the car. 

When it rains.....  Lord just don't let it SNOW!!

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