Why does death hurt? Because it is not normal!

Death to most people seems to be the most unnormal event we deal with in life.   Yet, some are surprised to learn that it was not our Heavenly Father intention or purpose for mankind to live and die.  He created man to live under perfect conditions and also to live forever.  (Genesis 1:22)

As we see from history and the account in the Bible - mankind sinned and therefore death entered into the world.  But, can you imagine a life free of sin and death?  The ability to live forever was our  Heavenly FAther's plan.  He wanted mankind to be happy and to have whatever his heart desired within the scope of his one and only command. - Not to eat from the "tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad" for if you eat from it you will certainly die."

Such an easy command but one that man did not honor.   So much has happened over the years in respects to this act of rebellion.  However, I know, our Heavenly Father cannot lie and will soon restore earth to the conditions of his initial plans.  Earth back to paradise.  

How it thrills my heart to think that one day I will be able to see the family I have lost to death - I long to see my Dad and my mother and brother who has fallen asleep to death. 

This hope I hold to my heart - knowing that it will truly be a day I will remember!!


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