"Wishing I Would Have Had More Time With Mother"

Not a day goes by that I don't have Mother in my thoughts.  She taught me so much, mostly by "example."  Mother never had a bad word for anyone, even if it was justified.  She taught me how to communicate with a family member who was 35 years old and born with Cerebral Palsey.  His name was Brucie.  His mother never put him away.  He was in daipers and made sounds that at first kind of scared me away.  One day Mother took me to Brucie's crib and she placed her hand on Brucie and spoke to him all the while smiling.  Brucie did react to her voice.  You see most everyone else didn't know how to communicate with him.  So later that day I went to his crib and began stroking his arm and telling him how much I loved him.  This special gift Mother had carried over to her visits to Nursing Homes.  Mother always touched the patient and told them how pretty they looked and the smile she got in return was a true gift.  Then Mother began to forget and repeat.  Yes, it was Alzheimer's.  Early on she and I had so much fun.  She would laugh at herself.  Two years later she was totally lost and very afraid.  She became combative and eventually ended up in a Nursing Home in a "Lock Down Unit."  I put the knowledge I got from her to the test.  She thought I was her Mother.  She was my Baby.  Five months later she died in the Nursing Home of a Massive Heart Attack.  As the Nurse was getting Mother back to her bed, as she laid down, she said to the Nurse  "I'm Dieing You Know."  Instantly she died.  Within a minute of her prediction.  During this time I cherrished every moment.  Before her death she did look like a "crazed person."  After her death, she was restored to the Beautiful Lady in Pink.  Mother was a skywatcher, and so am I.  I will put my finger on a star and I feel that Mother is touching the same star, and that she is Happy to be Where She Is.  I miss calling her on the phone.  Her sense of humor was so natural.  Without trying to be cute, she "Was Cute."  Every one loved Miss Dorothy.

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Comment by Sandy B on September 8, 2011 at 11:28pm
Thank you for sharing

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