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At 2:56pm on May 2, 2013, Theresa Sweaney said…

Kathy, thank you so much.  I appreciate your message today.  I am so sorry for your loss as well.  Theresa

At 2:33am on April 12, 2013, Tami said…
Kathi, I live across the bay bridge in Martinez, I grew up in San Francisco, sorry you had such a bad day... Can I ask what kind of dogs you have?
At 12:38pm on April 10, 2013, Tami said…
Kathi, we are all here for you, thinking of you and Christopher, sending prayers and thoughts of strength for you, my candle is lit in loving memory of Christopher, always remember, you are not alone...{{{{HUGS}}}}
At 1:03pm on April 9, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Kathi, stay strong with us for today and tomorrow. We will say Chris's name many times tomorrow, so he will not be forgotten.

Strength and courage, girl.

At 12:11pm on January 11, 2013, Barbara Rieger said…

Hi Kathi, thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts, feelings and experiences with your MD's. Everything you have been told appears to be the feelings that many people here feel;from what I've read by members. I'd like to losing and keeping off weight as an analogy. No one loses at the same rate of time. Everyone has had a different life and various experiences. It may appear that someone has had an easier time than someone else when they have lost 25 lbs. quicker than another person given the same amount of time. No one knows the hurdles others have had to go through in order to achieve a goal weight. No one knows the pain of being overweight who is overweight except each individual. When I was a cheerleader, taught and motivated people to lose weight I had a receptionist who said, "Different strokes for different folks."

Thank you again for sharing.

Sending Love,


At 2:58pm on December 20, 2012, David, BERNIE's dad said…

My sympathy Kathi. Bernie died fifteen and a half months ago, and I thank God for his dogs who really keep me going. Try to be strong, and think that one day we shall all be together again. This life is relatively short, compared to the time to come, eternity. Please look at the poems and hymns at the bottom of my page. They still help me.

Best wishes, David.

At 1:22pm on September 6, 2012, Anna May said…

I cannot send you a message - please contact me at cypressgranny@yahoo.com


At 8:57pm on September 4, 2012, connie duffy said…

am sorry your feeling so much pain i think the first 3 yrs were the hardest for me.its not everyone that wants to hear about your grief and broken heart so i idid not talk about it much with my family and friends.not that they did not care but did not know what to say and they were hurting.i did not want them to feel bad.i would go to the grave day after day but had to stop it was making me depressed more.i wish we didnt belong too this group but am glad i have someone that knows my pain.

At 12:45pm on September 3, 2012, Barbara Rieger said…

Hi Kathi,

I agree you can express your beliefs about anything you want to. There really is no real proof of what exists after death. Even Houdini promised to come back and he didn't do that. I have some really some ideas that are not mine but it has helped me in the situation I face. I don't appreciate when someone voices something strongly because another individual doesn't share their opinion. I'm not even referring to anything that was mentioned on this board. Yesterday, I was overwhelmed with something and was exhausted after doing so much with out sitting for hours. I didn't think sat down on a stool and hurt my left leg. The knee hurt and used ice a couple times last night. Then today the pain in that area is no longer, however it moved down to the right side of my left leg. Then I noticed on the left side it is now swollen and a little on the knee right side. I do meditation and one of the things said on the CD is that everyone's body can heal itself and it is a birthright. I have put my hand on a spot and use self- talk to my mind and ask my body to heal itself. Today I told someone I hurt my knee who leads a bible study group and she suggested I take aleve. I prefer not to do that. I told her I put my hand on the area and she said "Oh your a miracle healer!" I then said no it's mind over body. I didn't mention that I pray and ask for favors. I lost my only child/son April 5, 2010 when a drunk driver took this wonderful individual from this planet. There's too much to say and I need to get a couple pillows and put my legs up.

Sending Love,


At 9:21pm on August 29, 2012, Kathleen said…

Thank you for your message. I am so very sorry for the loss of your son. I hate the month of April now..hate Fridays..my Matt died on a friday..my husband hates Sundays..that is when we found him passed away..an image seared into our minds forever. I believe it is worse..we just learn to carry it in a different way. Take care, Write again sometime will you?

At 5:51am on August 15, 2012, Yaz Rooney said…

It's so terrible to hear your husband cry so bitterly. I used to run out into the garden and block my ears when Lance (my husband) cried. I couldn't bear to hear his loss. Mine was bad enough. And worse, I couldn't fix it for him.  Lots of love to you Kathi, and I'll send love to your husband too.

At 11:27pm on June 21, 2012, Anna May said…

I have sent you an email at aol.com

At 2:53am on May 3, 2012, Lisa - Rocky's Mom said…

I am so sorry you are going thrum a rough period. Although, I cannot tell you how you are suppose to get thru these tough times, I would like to tell you that it will get better. My first year was horrendous and I wish I had come to this website sooner. I don't know why we have to go thru this but do know that each day I am one day closer to seeing my son again. It will okay. Just let the grief out and know that it will be okay.

At 9:41pm on May 1, 2012, liz pozniak said…
Kathi i would love us to be friends. Are you on face book? LizPozniak.  815-701-7961  call me any time you need to talk
At 11:09am on April 17, 2012, Terri - Autumn's Mom said…


I haven't been on for awhile and just read your post on the main wall.  I am so sorry about your son. 

I'm glad you found this site, it has helped me so much since losing my daughter on December 6, 2010.  She was 21 and died unexpectedly also.

I have to agree with you, people do get uncomfortable when I talk about my daughter, I feel the same, I want to keep her memory alive.  If she were still with us, I'd talk about her, so I'm not going to stop now.

I hope you're hanging in there and remember to come on here anytime of day or night, there is always someone with some sort of wisdom that might help you when you're really needing it.

Hugs to you,


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