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At 8:52am on April 10, 2014, Lynn Williams said…

Melinda I said a prayer for Candace last night from the prayer registry but didn't realize it was your daughter till this morning. I registered my daughter Kyra after she died.  Her 1st year angel date is August 17th. Love and hugs to you both Lynn Williams

At 9:26am on March 13, 2014, Jackie Jackson said…

Hi Melinda I hope and pray all is well with you. I was thinking about you and wishing you continued peace of mind and peace of heart.

At 3:27pm on February 14, 2014, Medora Kay said…

Melinda, I lost my only daughter 01/04/2009 said turn 30 years old, well prepare with her masters degree to start our life, when I lost her it was the worse day of my life, nothing could and can compare to that news and the way I felt. We have lost our love child, but God as put angles and special friend with family that give their support. Ultimately when I get week they help to make me strong. I cherish those beautiful memories of her from birth to her pasting. They're memories is for ever. Be comforted and encourage yourself each day and trust in God He promise we will see our love child when He God put in his appearance. Be encourage and enjoy her memories forever. MedoraKAy.

At 8:08pm on January 18, 2014, Jackie Jackson said…

I commend you for being strong and coping. It is not easy at times Melinda....I am praying that you receive continued comfort from God and good friends and family.

At 7:56am on December 21, 2013, roger said…

malinda guinn. thankyou for sending the letter. I don't know  very much about computers I am disabled and my mom would help me everyday just talking .malinda I just don't know how to go on without my mother. It sure hurts everyday  and night. I don't have a life anymore.thankyou for the letter I hope you get this as I said I don't know the computer verywell 

At 4:45pm on December 13, 2013, Barbara Rieger said…

Melinda, this afternoon I placed in a couple of my son Joe's CD's on his player and was thinking of you. Then I told my husband about you and how I wish that you would listen to some music.

Your Friend,


At 9:36pm on November 4, 2013, Bera said…

You not alone Melinda

At 9:00am on August 14, 2013, Barbara Rieger said…

Melinda, sounds like you all enjoyed your time together.

I'd say that it pains you when you see your grands because you think of your daughter Candace. There are two sides to every coin. My opinion is (you can use it or not) if you turn the coin when you see your grand daughters and concentrate on being with them 110% and enjoy each moment you are with them you will be able to feel happiness. An 8 year old girl next door came over to climb our tree. The last time I saw her I gave a a few sun visors. She was going on vacation and I haven't seen her in a few weeks. Unfortunate for me she is always at her grams or inside the house. I can say it helped me a lot as I concentrated on the moment and time I was being with this bright 8 year old girl. I didn't want to type this on the main page to answer because people get an e-mail notice every time someone posts on the main wall.

Your Friend,


At 5:50am on August 12, 2013, Theresa LaSalle said…


I am so open to mediums ....also..I'm also open to a higher power,

I do believe my mom and sister's spirits/energy have been with me over the last 8 or so years. 

Take good care.


At 6:10pm on July 30, 2013, Aida (Lil Joe's mom) said…

Hi Melinda. How are you? I haven't been on here for some time now.I read your last comment to me.I loved it and thank you for it. It means a lot your statement regarding my son...I haven't been feeling well. Last month I had a mini stroke and spent 3 days I the hospital.I am ok now.I miss my son tremendously and as all I do mostly is read the bible. Reading the bible has helped me a lot to deal with my lol Joe.I tell GOD that I want him back. But God said no. So I told GOD to take me home he said no. It is not your tome yet. Please note this is not audible but spiritually.I don't want people to think I am nuts....but With God I would've been in the my place. God gives me comfort and strength.he has collected all my tears that I shed everyday in a not to bored you...I hope you are doing ok.aida lil Joe's mom

At 4:14pm on April 12, 2013, Barbara Rieger said…

How funny I just found your friend request and of course accepted. But your photo is on my wall before clicking.

I only went on the main wall once recently. If there is a new person I sometimes go on their wall and post a message to them after reading about their loss. Then I check back to see if they have left me a message. I told one person to click on my name and send me a post. I guess that some people are not ready to post. I didn't come on here right away.

Your Friend,


At 6:38pm on April 4, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Forgot it, of course. If I say, 'Early Alzheimer's!', my daughter will say, 'Dad, not so early!'

At 6:36pm on April 4, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Don't know if you like classical music, but this is so special: 6 hours of Beethoven!

I just leave it playing as background while I work on the computer. In the far right column there is a load of other stuff you can choose.

At 6:22pm on April 4, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

OMG! Is this safe for my eyes?

At 6:10pm on April 4, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…


Right-click on the picture, then click on Save as Picture or Desktop ... so it is saved to your computer. Then when you write your next comment, click on the second icon above (which says Image), choose your pic, approve, and it will be there!

At 11:49pm on March 26, 2013, Barbara Rieger said…

Melinda, Sometimes we all feel alone. Even people who have never have children and sometimes people that have children. I guess it's just a part of life.

I just wrote 2 letters to my son Joe on his page on FB. On Christmas 2011 my husband brought food to my mother. But I didn't go because it was too cold for me to go out. They had a good rapport and would laugh together just as he and I do. But they didn't have arguments. That day I felt a little lonely but went on the computer. I was so proud of myself that I actually registered and got on. I know one guy friend who said he tried but gave up trying to get on. Anyway after I got on my son's FB page. It was with help that it happened. One of his friend's wondered how that was able to happen. Then she knew.

Anyway I am feeling better. I've had sinus issues but have an arsenal. In fact with the way my body had been feeling I'm wondering if I actually had the flu. Who know who care I feel better. Hope I can cover my hair and look forward to getting it cut as soon as this crazy weather in NJ warms up.

Your Friend,


When I write to Joey I can feel his presence and I feel love. Of course the tears came out but it's good to communicate. It doesn't matter if we talk with someone, type on here or write it out on paper. It's a connection and it helps to ease things for us. Try it if you aren't doing it.

At 10:47pm on March 11, 2013, Barbara Rieger said…

I was just reading the comment wall and saw that it's your birthday.

Happy Happy Birthday Melinda!

Being with your grand daughters was a nice birthday gift that Candace gave you.

Your Friend,


At 2:53pm on March 4, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Melinda, be brave. Don't be too affected by others being sad and down. Next week is your birthday and I just want to hear happy things!

Remember you will enjoy seeing your granddaughters! Put everything else out of your mind!

At 1:20am on January 28, 2013, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Melinda, did you get my message?  Wasn't being rude, but didn't want to monopolise the main Comment Wall.

At 5:07pm on January 24, 2013, Barbara Rieger said…

Melinda, please click on my name and be on my page. Then tell me if you read what I posted to you Jan. 24.

I saw your response on the main wall that you might contact Dr.Phil.

Thanks I hope the little statements about my grandmother puts a little smile on your face as it does mine.

Your Friend,


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