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At 6:27pm on July 10, 2011, Tami said…

WOW, how strange that she had a Joey too.... Did you get a reading? Im so happy for you that you got to go, I heard it has a very peaceful feeling there. I miss you, but I am happy that you are doing things, think of you and Mijo all the time!

Love to you Marina and prayers and love to our Joeys.

At 7:00pm on June 23, 2011, Tami said…

Oh Thank You Marina! Congratulations on the twins, I will pray for them and ask our Joeys to watch over them and protect them.

Love you and thank you for thinking of me and Joey

At 3:21pm on June 13, 2011, Tami said…
Thank you so much Marina. It means so much to me that you remember, I love you even though I have never met you, we have been through so much together. Love to you and Mijo!
At 2:35pm on May 14, 2011, Tami said…

Marina! I cant wait for you trip to Lilydale, I have watched many documentaries about it and It just looks like such an ethereal place.... I would love to just sit in the woods and think.

Cant wait! cant wait! cant wait!!!!!

Love you my dearest friend. Kisses to Mijo too

At 9:22pm on May 1, 2011, shannon churchill said…
Marina,   Please tell me how your son appear's for you.. I am so wanting to hear other parents stories..  :)
At 9:22pm on May 1, 2011, shannon churchill said…
Marina,   Please tell me how your son appear's for you.. I am so wanting to hear other parents stories..  :)
At 1:12pm on May 1, 2011, Tami said…

Hi Marina! Did you go to Lilydale? Today is the first Sunday in May so I am reading what you wrote.

Love to you and Mijo!!!!!

At 11:43pm on April 8, 2011, Tami said…

Cant wait to hear about Lilydale but If they all have such a wonderful gift whey do they all have to charge so much, Its not fair, the lady I went to was $100 for each of us, luckily my older sister paid, there were 4 of us.

Really? You think my Joey likes me to wear red? Its funny, whenever I wear it everyone says "That color looks good on you" But I really only have one red shirt! 

I will pray for your Daughter! How wonderful! I will pray that she will have a wonderful pregnancy and a healthy delivery!

My love to you and Mijo!

Have a great time in Lilydale!


At 12:55pm on March 26, 2011, Tami said…

OH WOW!!!! I have always wanted to go to Lilydale! I have read about it and watched a documentary on it, It sounds wonderful! I am so happy for you! I wonder if they let you record your session? If they do, I would highly recommend it, you dont want to forget a thing, and you will be so excited you might forget! I think of you and Mijo all of the time and I do think of him and Joey together! 

Love to you and cant wait to hear about your trip, I will pray that Mijo gets in touch. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

At 10:37pm on January 29, 2011, Tami said…
Hi Marina!!! It is so good to hear from you! I really do need a massage, that sounds wonderful! You sound like me, Be kind to others, so for others, and smile, I try to do something for someone everyday, even if it is just to look at them and smile, if they dont smile back, thats ok. Been trying to keep as busy as possible, when I am busy I dont have time to sit around and be sorry for myself! Love to you and I think of you aften and I am praying for our boys... XO
At 11:29pm on December 15, 2010, Tami said…

Thank you Marina, I havent seen any comments from you in a long time! Thats good news I hope! I too think of you and Mijo all the time, I have a new room mate that kind of looks like Mijo, If I can sneak a picture of him I will!


Love to you!!!

At 9:52am on October 15, 2010, Tami said…
Hi Marina, I havent seen you on here in awhile, I just want you to know that I think of you and Mijo all of the time, You are both always in my heart. Love to you .
At 10:23pm on September 22, 2010, Janie said…
Hi Marina, Janie here again. It has been along time. Alot of changes to get used to again. How are you doing? I'm doing fairly well. Never be the same again. God knows what He is doing, so I just go along with that. I try. Having more better days, than bad. Today would have been Rich's 35th B-Day
I had an ok day, just kept busy. but I had myself a very good cry and looked back at his pictures from when he was little. God be with you and I won't stay away so long. LOL Janie
At 10:13pm on August 17, 2010, Tami said…
I picture Mijo and Joey waiting for us, so when we get there we will be able to meet eachother and our Sons! What a joyous occassion that will be!
MARTINEZ? I live in MARTINEZ! How funny is that! The little signs are the best if you catch them.

Love to you and hugs, big hugs!
At 3:09pm on August 13, 2010, Tami said…
I am so sorry I missed Mijos birthday, I am house sitting and no computer! What a wonderful surprise to here the song! You know it was him letting you know he knows you were there. I always have the same question about age, Joeys 19th birthday was 5 months after he passed, everywhere I write I say "forever 18" is that true? Thank you for thinking about me, I think of you and mijo all the time and I know they are up there together..... Love you <3
At 8:33pm on August 4, 2010, Janie said…
Hi Marina, Janie here, it's been along time since I've been on this site. How are
you? It's 2 Yrs & 7 months since my Richard went to heaven. I'm still kind of on a roller coaster. Mostly going up but when I fall it's hard. This site has sure changed. I don't even know what to do with it anymore. Maybe you can explain a little to me. God Bless you and your son., LOL Janie
At 8:15pm on July 23, 2010, Lisa Hobrook said…
Thank you, Marina. Thank you so much for your support. I know what you mean. Thinking of you and Mijo tonight. <3
At 12:16am on July 23, 2010, Tami said…
Thank you so much Marina! We just let off Balloons again as we do every month... We just do it so that he knows we will never forget him. Thank you for thinking of My Joey as I do yours all the time, Hoping that they are together saving a place for us.
Love to you
At 7:51pm on July 22, 2010, Lisa Hobrook said…
Hi Marina,

Hope you have been okay. I, for one, think about my son all the time. Things have not gotten easier but rather harder as I head to the first anniversary on September 4th and think back to the love and joy we shared less than a year ago. Everything seems to be measured against the loss of Chad.

As someone once said there is life "before" and life "after". I know that young many taught me lessons of a life time on love and respect, but I just want him back. I knew what I had before I lost him.

Love to you, Marina.

At 6:05pm on April 7, 2010, Marina Angel said…
Mijo-you'll always be a part of me-That half that laughs-that feels free-that soars above-abounds with love-That trusts in God-accepts His Plan-even if I DO NOT UNDERSTAND-LOV MOM

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