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At 12:54am on April 4, 2015, Barbara Rieger said…

Hi Shirley, After I read your most recent post I had to stop and pull it together for a minute. Then went and put in Robert Schuller to read about him. I had gone to Quakerbridge Mall in New Jersey to one of his book signings with my son Joe. I bought the book and he wrote in it to my son. Also, I had a book someone gave me that Robert Schuller signed for me. Another friend told me about him and I was a faithful follower for many years. He gave me so much just as Norman Vincent Peale. The weird thing is I was watching the biography on TCM "One Man's Way." of Dr. Peale and of course thought or his protege' Robert Schuller. One Christmas my husband bought me a CD when Dr. Peale was a guest on Rev. Robert Schuller's Hour of Power. After watching the movie I asked my husband about the CD. I asked him to locate the CD so I could watch 2 individuals who made a difference in my life. Now my son will greet Rev. Robert Schuller and I'm certain they will both recall each other. I have a photo of my son and Rev. Robert Schuller shaking hands. My son took a photo of me and the Rev but I sent it to a friend and she threw it out when she moved. She never saw the photo I placed in a book written by people I had worked for. Just thought I'd share this with you since you knew about the passing of a person who meant something to me and my life.

I will take out his book "Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do." When reading it, I feel like he's talking directly to me and I can hear his voice.

Thank you for posting about a favorite Preacher of mind.  Peace be with you. This Easter Sunday will be 5 years since my son Joe left. But I feel comforted knowing that he may see a wonderful soul Robert Schuller.

At 10:01pm on September 7, 2013, Treba Mercer/Baker said…

ty hun. i hope u are doing well. im sitting lost again i lost a good friend this week. there lot younger than me. and they lost both parents. and im not sure how to help them.

At 6:31pm on July 30, 2013, Bera said…

My son told me "he was good & living to have a good time". Little did I know he would be gone a few months later at age 20. My only son. My baby child. 10 months today he was shot. Lord, Have Mercy on Me.

At 6:02pm on July 6, 2013, Daphne vaughn (Anthony's Mom ) said…

Shirley,I read your story with tears streaming down my face I feel your are a strong woman .I am so sorry for your loss,our children are our lives.i lost my son Anthony on oct 29th was and has been the hardest thing I,ve ever had to I know it is for you .im sending heartfelt prayers to you and yours.big hugggs to you.Daphne

At 10:41pm on March 1, 2013, Lisa - Rocky's Mom said…

Thank you for your message.  Its so nice that you have someone to talk to about your daughters.  I unfortunately dont have anyone who knew Rocky to talk with about the person he was.  My husband doesnt want to talk about him, it is too hard for him, he says.  This is just a really hard time of year for me.  I appreciate your strength. Blessings.

At 12:40am on February 28, 2013, Lisa - Rocky's Mom said…

Will have you in my prayers Shirley.  I lost my son April 15, 2010. It is so hard t believe still.  I live for the days/nights I will have a dream of him.  They dont come often but somehow they are comforting to me.  I cant imagine losing two children. I can barely contain my grief from losing one.  I do think life just keeps going but mine seems to move a lot slower than others.  Sometimes I cant stop the crying and others I catch ,yself having not thought of him in a few hours.  I still feel guilty if I am not thinking of him but I knoww he would want me to move on...I find I want to move on as fast as possible...but I am stuck in this grief ridden nightmare. Each day is one day closer to seeing Rocky again.  I lost my mother just 10 months after my son, on March 10, 2011. I worry that I cant grieve her death because I am in so much pain over my sons'.  It is better than that first year though, isnt it?  Really didnt think I was going to make it thru the first year.  Anyway, I will add a special prayer for you.  Sorry for rambling...guess I needed to get a bit off my mind.  Thanks for being here.

At 6:18pm on December 24, 2012, David, BERNIE's dad said…

Haven't seen you for a month, Shirley!  Hope your two girls are chatting woth my Bernie on the other side. Thank God for his two dogs who keep me on my toes.

Have a peaceful Christmas,


At 6:33pm on June 20, 2012, Alicia Rodriguez said…
Hi Shirley how have you been? That is a very pretty picture of you're three daughters! I have been reading your post what elastic can we do but come here our feelings God Bless You Alicia Jesse's Mom
At 4:11pm on June 16, 2012, Kaye said…

Thank you for your kind wors.  I have a younger son who is 35 now and he is a firefighter.  Obviously it scares me silly.  He lives her near me so I se him often and talk to him all the time.  Its just we have had so much go on that I am terrified something is going tohappen all the time.  I am sorry for your loss.  I know God only loans our kids to us but this was just more than I can handle.  It makes me sad that I was not there when he died.  I didn't know he was sick.  Kids dont tell you everything. I just do the best I can.  Its just we have had so much death and misery in our family in the past few yeras its more than I can stand.  Again, thank you for your kind words.

At 7:20pm on June 9, 2012, Phyllis Estes said…

Also Shirley,

I'm so sorry for your loss.  I lost one child, and I can't imagine that pain doubled.  You have such a wonderful way of putting things...that really gives me some hope.  I believe you are my newfound "hero." 

~Phyllis Chads' Mom

At 7:17pm on June 9, 2012, Phyllis Estes said…

I love your beautiful pictures of the peonies!  Brightened my day.  Thank you for sharing Shirley.

At 3:14pm on January 19, 2012, Robert Lowmiller said…

Thanks, Shirley, Sorry to hear about your daughters.            I have accepted it, but, it still disrupts my everyday life. I hoping with time it will settle down.  Yes I miss them every day.


At 3:05pm on July 20, 2011, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

I love your positive really the only way we can recapture any joy left in our lives....

Hugs to you today and your daughter too.


At 2:29pm on July 20, 2011, Susan - Donny's Mom said…

Thank goodness of your post today on the main site.  I stay out of the posting when they get too negative.  It is wonderful to hear of a positive message that we all can take to heart.

I am sure you feel the double loss as deeply as everyone else but I appreciate your thankfulness and positive thoughts on how to try and go on.

May peace and comfort be with you every day

Susan   Donny's Mom

At 8:04pm on July 1, 2011, Carrie L said…
Hi Shirley just sending hugs to you. this difficult time of year Iwhat really am not doing that great either. It is very lonely here. And I shouldn't hve moved i see it all clearly now. what should have been done but now it is
At 3:28pm on May 2, 2011, Celia Costanzo said…
thank u for ur comments. :)
At 2:10am on April 28, 2011, Celia Costanzo said…
Thank you so much.  I have been reaching out cuz I a single mom so theres no support. It doesnt help that this is a small town and the only place to go is 21/2 hours away :)
At 12:28pm on April 16, 2011, Deamie Roome said…

Hi Shirley,  Its been awhile since I have been on Legacy  Connect.  I find it pretty awesome that you befriended me on this because my daughter's name was Shirley..  I always call these things my God Winks.  She was named after my Mother.


We are having Shirleys benefit in New York on May 14th.  She has been gone 3 years February 6.   The pain is always unbearable.    We have no choice but to go on.  My younger daughter is what keeps me moving forward.  It I did not have her I would of put myself out of my misery..  I hope you are doing ok and I think of you often... 

At 12:14pm on March 12, 2011, Shari Soklow said…

Dear Shirley,

You have no idea how your story touched my heart and in some strange 

way helped me deal with my grief regarding the loss of my beloved only child

My son, Professor Howard Eugene Langer.

I will be grateful to you forever, for just the simple but beautifully magnificent way you told your story of that Happy Day, Happy Time!

It just made me realize that I am not alone. You see I lost my mother to

pancreatic cancer when I was only fifteen years old! I deeply missed not having a mother all my life! Than I lost my father, my Aunty, who was like a second mother to me, I lost my husband and now my son!

I would love to connect with you and even speak with you, if possible?






At 12:00pm on March 12, 2011, Shari Soklow said…

Dear Shirley,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss and I pray that you and your daughter

find peace!  Thank you for your friendship! God Bless You




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