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At 11:01am on April 1, 2011, Shari Soklow said…

Dear Francine,

Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved daughter.

I lost my beloved son Howard on December 28, 2010. I want to make a comment for all of my new friends who are as me, bereaved. I say this in the hopes that it may bring the smallest amount of comfort if that is at all possible!

My common sense opinion, for what it is worth, is that God is not the least bit concerned with religion! That is a man-made thing! Of course our children are in Heaven! Furthermore, there is unbroken continuity between this life and the next! Our bodies are just 'the shell!' It does not matter if we are cremated or buried. We are not our bodies, we are souls come to earth school to learn and grow. Then we all go home to begin our REAL Life!

Please let me know what you think about my comments?

My love and prayers to all that we find the strength to carry on in spite of our cruel fate! Shari

At 10:10pm on February 19, 2011, Janice Curry said…
Hello Francine, my name is Janice and my daughter Ashley was also an organ and tissue donor.  The nature of her death didn't allow them  to use any of her organs either.   She and her unborn child died instantly in a car accident.  She also had complete system failure and they were only able to donate corneas, bones and tissue.  I also wanted to say that I went back to work after 4 weeks and I too am having attendance problems because some days I just can't function.  I have used up most of my vacation for this year and have unexcused absences.  My union suggested I have my doctor take me out on sick leave, which would keep my benefits intact and it's paid.  It's so difficult because I'm so lost without Ashley and she left behind her 18 month old daughter which we are now raising.  Our whole world went dark in the blink of an eye.  I pray that everyone on this site finds some comfort somewhere.  God Bless You.
At 2:59pm on February 2, 2011, valerie moore said…
francine,  i went back to work 6 weeks after i lost my son. my only child.  that was the absolute longest they would let me be off. it was all u npaid.  only a few people knew.  however, the day he passed, they called me at work... and the cops told me over the phone that my son had passed away... i freaked out, uncontrollably...because he was a drug addict and i had thought of him passing and having a drug overdosed.  my manager or any higher up, never, ever called me when i was out, to see how i was doing.  upon my return, it was the same.  its been a struggle ever since.  my job is struggling and i am afraid they are trying to fire me.  that would be another blow, because i NEED the insurance.  i have been there over 4 years.  anyway, i understand,  my son has been gone now 1 yr 5 mos. and i cry every day ,i miss him. we were close.  i am keeping you and your beautiful daughter in my prayers.  hugs, valerie
At 1:29pm on February 2, 2011, Lisa Halsey said…

My name is Lisa i lost my best friend the love of my life my son Daniel he died Nov.16th 2008 my life hasn't been the same since i do he was 21 yrs old he died in a car accident due to texting and driving. He was tired and just got off his job and his girlfriend at the time always wanted him do go do things after work take her places he worked 2 jobs and went to college full time and he was a footballl player he was an awsom young man, well anyways my son dropped his girl friend off and i guess she was texting him he grabbed his cell phone and was texting her back then his eye left the road for just a minute and then his car left the road and hit a 9ft tree stump that he was ejected from his blazer and landed on top of him he died instantly i couldn't be there in time to see my baby he was going to college in a different state so his football coach had to identify his body i didn't see my son until the day of his funeral in a casket i thought he would of been a mess but he wasn't he looked like Daniel he was so handsom he looked so peaceful and iam greatful for that that he didn't suffer. What iam trying to say is that i understand what you are going threw that people don't understand what we are going threw unless they had lost a child well i took 4 weeks off work they didn't expect me back until Jan or Feb but i went back to work so i can keep my mind occupied and i got a new asst. manager and my old manager he agreed that i should come in for a few hrs if i need to he thought it was to soon for me well he left to another store. Well i got a new one and she was you know she didn't have a heart she counted 15 days against me i was pissed so i went to the head of the store he was there for me when my son was killed so he is over her man he was mad he said don't worry i will take care of it, so nothing was counted against me boy she was mad i told her one day do have kids she said yes and grandchild i said i hope nothing ever happends to them

At 12:32pm on February 2, 2011, Tami said…


 I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Daughter. I am also sorry that you are having trouble at work, It is so hard for anyone to understand what you are going through unless they have been here too, So the world goes on normal for them and they expect it to be that way with you. To me it seems that my friends are over it and they think I should be too, I cant tell you how many times I have wanted to crawl in a cave and be alone, but I make myself keep going. I am not in a working environment like you are, I clean houses and a Dr office so I really dont have to deal with people. I can tell you that all of this saddness has aged me at least 10+ years. I wish I could tell you there is a magic day that you will feel normal, but I cant, we need to learn how to live this new life day to day and to be able to fit into society as best we can, Can you take a leave from work? I didnt know it but I have PTSD, how could each and every one of us not have it? It is so sad to me that the school that your grand children go to dont try to counsel them, are they in any counseling? It does help them, my Daughter goes and she can really let out her feelings and it lifts a great burden off of her shoulders to be able to talk, and cry and not be judged. You can come here a thousand time a day, we will help you as best we can, we will not judge you, you can cry, cuss, talk about your feelings, we are all here to support you 100%. Someone is always here....  I will keep you in my heart and in my prayers, just hold on, you can do this, for your Daughter and her babies, they need you more then anything.

At 9:08am on February 2, 2011, Janet - Todd's Mom said…
Francine,  I'm so sorry about the loss of your daughter.  We lost our son Todd on June 8, 2009, and the pain just seems to get worse, so I can well understand how difficult it would be to try to look happy all day.  Write to us anytime....sometimes I come here when I'm very depressed and can't do anything else.  I hope you get even a little bit of comfort from seeing that you're not alone.  This is the worst thing that can happen to a parent and no one understands like another bereaved parent.  Love & Hugs, Janet
At 9:34pm on January 24, 2011, Ronda Johnston said…
Dear Francine, Let me say first how very sorry I am to here about the loss of your daughter, I also lost my son Sean June 14th 2010 The worst day of my life!!!!  We all here on this site are going through the same grief and we all understand , so if u ever want to just write go ahead, if you ever want to write me I'm a good listener feel free to write me anytime Francine.  You just might feel a lil comfort on this site, reading other peoples post and just knowing were all going through the same grief is a lil comforting.  This is a HORRENDOUS PAIN we have and a heartache forever, we need each other.  So remember please write to me anytime, would love to get to know you a lil more....  I noticed you live in Las Vegas???  I live in Apple Valley were only 3 hours away from each other.  God Bless & Hugs to u & your family.   Ronda
At 10:52pm on January 22, 2011, Trudy A. Hess said…
It is an everyday struggle to come to terms and understand fully that our children are gone for good.  if I think about it too much the world starts caving in on me so I just keep moving, moving it's too scary to think about stopping!

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