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At 7:25am on May 29, 2011, barbara taylor said…

Thank you for replying to  my message....... I feel lost and alone too. She was someone I could really talk to. Now  I am missing that. I still talk to her , I know she is in heaven with God. That brings some pease for me.'

         I  pray that   it gets easier for you soon. They say time heals all, well I believe that it does. I lost my  Dad  many years ago now and I sill have an  empty spot in my heart......

Anyway , best wishes for you....... I hope you will keep in touch. God Bless You...... take care and write soon.


At 9:15pm on May 28, 2011, jvd said…
ty ;]
At 10:52pm on September 13, 2010, Janet Smith said…
At 10:52pm on September 13, 2010, Janet Smith said…
At 10:04am on March 22, 2010, Susan Fuller said…
I have 6 siblings and my mom is still with us...Thank God! Even though I have a very supportive husband, I feel extremely lonely at the moment. I'm glad to know that others feel lonely as well. Sometimes I feel like I am having bizarre feelings. It sounds like it is 'normal' to feel lonely even though I have a BIG family. Thanks for your on-line support. :)
At 9:28am on March 22, 2010, Susan Fuller said…
I do feel like it was best to happen as quick as it did. He was in so much pain. It just seems like once they loaded him up with the pain medication and gave him some relief....he died a day later. I do try to keep in mind that he is in a better place and like you said isn't it anymore pain and isn't in a place (hospital) that he absolutely hated.
At 8:02am on March 22, 2010, Susan Fuller said…
Thank you LG for sharing your story. As horrible as the past 2 weeks have been...I've learned that I am not alone. I have had some doubt as to whether or not I did the right thing when I woke him up on 3/5/10 and took him to the hospital. He died the next day. I promised him that he would be going to be 'stabalized' and that I would bring him home. My brain tells me that I did the right thing....my heart is saddened because it was just too quick for us that are left behind.
At 10:38am on March 3, 2010, Deliela said…
Thank you very much for your comment and sympathy. I really appreciate it. I am also sorry for your loss.
At 10:50pm on January 26, 2010, richard mom said…
I read were you wanted some advice,I hope you don't let anyone make you feel bad.In my book 120 pics are worth more than money.And I would explain that to the people who call with the request.I would let them know they have one of the best keepsakes you have.And your sorry if they don't feel that way.Isn't odd how people have a whole new feeling when someone leaves us or someone comes into a large amount of money.You hold your head up you have done exactly as you should have.take care,Richard mom Lynn
At 8:02am on January 26, 2010, Jane said…
My heart goes out to you. I also have a distant family who I don't always understand. They can be quite nasty.

So here is my serious advice. I hope it helps and I hope it makes you laugh. Go to the Goodwill and pick out a nice momento for your Aunt. Keep the real keepsakes and the heck with your Aunt. It will be your little secret between you and your Mom. : )

Take care and know God loves you and your guardian angels are there with you. Ask them to help you sleep. I am finally getting to the point that I can sleep for about 6 hours.

Last night i took a walk after I ate dinner. It really helped my mood. I know what you mean as far as a Mom being special to you, like no one else. I remedy the loss by thinking her in a lovely warm, sunny place, where she is totally happy. I still talk to her a little and find she is close to me. I really think she hears me and she responds. This is not crazy talk. If you let yourself believe in the afterlife, to me it is just a veil away. We are forever connected in our hearts. We never lose that connection. I hope that helps. And from my real experience, there are guardian angels and there is a God. I was with my Mom when she died. She called out, "Father, come Father" I think she was calling to God or it could have been her own father. I think it was God. I can also tell you other stories which prove to me there are angels and there is a God.

I hope your day is blessed. There are many good people out there in the world. I know it seems like everyone is out for themselves; but that is not true. I am not. i truly feel for people and I would not do anything to hurt them. You are not alone. Your Mom is still with you.

Watch the show "Touched by an Angel" on the Hallmark channel. I have been watching that channel for a couple of months. All the stories are nice ones. Maybe that would help you too???

Take care and have a nice day. I hope things are going better for you. Keep a sense of humor about the keepsakes! Put a dustball from your Mom's house in the Goodwill item. Then you can say, it's from your Mom! : ) Keep up your spirits. Your Mom would want you to have a good life until you meet her again. Love,.....
At 1:31am on December 23, 2009, LGWilson said…
Thank you manuela. Finally someone understands what it feels like to be hurt by your own family at the worst time of your life. Hugs to you too.
At 7:47pm on December 22, 2009, manuela smith said…
dear lg iam so sorry for what you r going thrue i know what i say will not make much of a diffrence but i allmost had the same whis my sister mamma was in the coma wen she emtied the hole house leaving only my wedding pic all the value to her my sister that she took my heart is still in pain but you will get better secund by secund becouse your mom loves you and know what you did your r a good person and i am very proud to say that i know i do not know you but i feel that is right dont feel you r alone your not bless you and hugsto you
At 7:55pm on December 4, 2009, LGWilson said…
There is no speeding the process. At one pt aft the funeral I had to put a blanket over her shoe caddy and nightgowns because it just tore me up.
For a while it feels like they left the door open and you want to be with them...that is totally normal esp when you were so close.
I feel for you during these difficult days.
xo LG
At 7:22pm on December 4, 2009, Lorey Donaldson said…
Thank you for your correspondence. But I sure don't want to spend the next 5 weeks like this. Crying and missing my Mother. I just want to be with her. Yesterday a better day than today... of course her funeral was today. And also being back home now and all the reminders of her. I'll probably just go and read my greif books, sometimes I feel better. I have a lot of sadness over her illness shortening her healthy life and causing her to decline .It's not fair.
Well sounds like you are doing better, I'm glad.
The religous parts will have to come, for me, later.
At 7:29am on November 24, 2009, jvd said…
i am having issues with what to give to her sisters .my mom passed october 30th and she was my best friend .im still on 30 min at a time and denial god bless you

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