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At 9:46pm on December 3, 2012, Marlena said…

Hi Christy,

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back.

How exciting that Larry's foundation is doing so well.  That is awesome that now you have a business partner.  It sounds like you have been "good" busy.  Did you ever imagine yourself giving presentations and doing such amazing things to help out students?  Larry is beaming down on you for sure!!!

Our grandbabies are such a blessing and a reason to keep moving everyday. I know Lily is that for me.  She has been the bright spot through so much.  The wedding was October 7th and it was beautiful!  Everyone is still commenting on what a great wedding it was.  Autumn wanted a vintage feel, hair and make up, and they even had 40's music until after dinner when the dancing began.  As wonderful as it was - I'm glad it's over and life is getting back to "normal" :)  I will add a picture to my page soon. 

It's funny that you say it just feels as if Larry is away.  I always say that too. Being a railroad engineer, Tom was gone a lot.  I have always said this feels like one of his trips, but it's the longest train trip ever.  And no matter how long it's been, I still feel very married.  I can't imagine feeling anything else.

Keep up the good work with the foundation.  I'm so glad you have that to keep you going and it's an amazing way to honor Larry.

It's great to "talk" with you. 

Hugs and Blessings


At 9:23pm on May 23, 2012, Marlena said…

Hi Christy,

It's great to hear from you.  Yes, I still check in every now and then.  I especially look to see if you still check in as well as Barb, Mary, Virginia, Randolph, Ellen and a few others.  I have the same mixed feelings you do...if I see that others aren't checking in as often that gives me hope that they are doing well and moving forward with their lives, but at the same time there is a draw to keep connected to all of you who know and understand how life is now. 

That's a bummer that school has to be put off until next year...that's a long time. Maybe there is still a miracle waiting for you around the corner.  As for me, I still haven't started using my degree.  I did have my first interview a couple of weeks's the only application I have put in so far, but I lost out to someone who has actual hands-on medical billing experience.  It's one of those catch-22s, I can't get experience if I can't get a job, but I can't get a job because I don't have the experience.  That's ok, Nick still has another year of school and I want to be here for him as much as possible.  Our oldest daughter, Autumn, is getting married in October, so if I'm not working I will be available for her for everything she needs.  And, I'm still watching our granddaughter, Lily, while Amanda finishes up her second degree.  Even though I don't do anything I seem awfully busy :)   

I'm so excited for you that Larry's foundations is doing well.  You will help the 2 students...I have no doubt!!!  With lots of faith and've got this covered. 

Have you been able to keep in touch with Nahjay (sp?)?  I hope he is managing well and getting through school (and life) okay.  It's so hard for our boys to be without their dads for the everyday things in life.  There are so many things that only Dad can teach and it makes me so sad to think about all that they are missing out on.  I just keep praying for help with Nick probably more than I pray for anything else.

There is one exciting thing happening right now...Tom's headstone is finally going to be placed tomorrow.  It took me almost 2 years to decide how I wanted it to look and over a year of drama to get it placed.  The company I went with originally did a terrible job with it and wouldnt' fix it without me paying A LOT more money, so I basically fired them and had another company take over my stone and redo it...Now, It's perfect and I can't wait for it to be in place.  I'm covering it up when they place it and having a family/friends unvailing party Friday night so everyone can see it together.  I can't wait!!! I'll add pictures when it's all set. 

I hope only good things keep coming your way and that your whole family is doing well.  I'll keep sending hugs and lots of prayers that Larry's foundation continues to do well and that something good will happen for you for school.

Talk to you soon (( HUGS))!!!

At 10:35am on April 23, 2012, Christy said…

It's been a year and a half since Larry left for work,  left this world, left all of us he loved & loved him. It's still beyond painful. I haven't seen my stepson in 6 months as of May 1st. Larry's 40th birthday would have been April 15th. I have been surving many tears much like I did in the beginning, but honestly, there are only rare days when I feel as if I am really progressing. I miss him more than anyone outside this grp would ever imagine. He's gone, as I sd my stepson is now living with his mother & we barely stay in touch, my daughter & grandbaby have moved out also, leaving me & my 26 yr old son. Naturally he is gone as any healthy, single young man would be, so I am frequently alone. It's very strange after having a constant companion for over 7 yrs. I beg God to take me & spare me another day of existing. I enjoyed my life, but feel as if there is nothing for me here any longer. No, I'm not depressed. I get out, socialize with family, friends & church members... but life isn't what it should be- life should be shared with those we love.


At 8:40am on February 26, 2012, Cynthia Clements said…

Glad to hear from you. We still need to get together and have supper or something.  I'm doing OK but thats about it.  Trying to stay busy and keep my mind from dwelling on what happened.  I still miss Gene so much, Feb 29th will be our 2nd real anniversary.  Gene picked out the date.  He was so funny he said " this way I'll only be in trouble every four years."  God I miss him so bad.  I to still cry and think of him all the time, dont cry as much but still cry for him.  I am still alone and I guess I'll stay that way.  I'm not looking for anyone and don't want anyone.  I had the best.  Don't think anyone could fill his shoes.  Don't even want to try to find someone to.  I am sooo glad to hear from you. I was hoping you were doing good.  I went through there this last week, my sister was with me so I didn't get in touch with you .  I want to come when just the two of us can talk and cry together.  She has been my rock, but she doesn't know how I feel and doesn't pretend to.  I hope she never does.  We will have to make plans to meet somewhere sometime.  Prayer and hugs.

At 9:56am on February 12, 2012, Linda G. said…

Christy,  As always, good to hear from you.  I think today will be an OK day for me.  I did not go to church this morning so I think I will start on cleaning my "junk room" as my youngest grandson calls this room.  It is actually the room I used for doing my scrap booking.  But when Neal got sick and then died and the next year, anything that I or anyone else did not know what to do with went in that room.  So it is in real need of cleaning.  It will be good to get that room fixed so I can start my scrap booking again.  That will give me something else to do in the evenings, as they are the hardest for me. 


I am happy you enjoy you Literature class.  Are you just taking classes to get out of the house or are you working towards something?  I have thought about taking some kind of class, but it has been so long since I have been in school, I don't know how I would do. 


Well I am going to go and start on the junk room.  I hope you have lots of wonderful memories today.  Thank you for being here for me and understanding how I feel, as we are on the same journey of grief.  It just makes it better to talk to someone who knows exactly how I feel.

Hugs to my friend.    Linda 

At 6:31am on February 7, 2012, Linda G. said…

Hey Christy!  It seems like you and I are on the same roller coaster with this grief.  I too have been having a hard time.  I hate to read that you are too.  Some days I wake up and think it will be an OK day, but after being up for a while it's like this dark cloud comes down on me and all I want to do is just sit and do nothing but cry.  It's like you get through one anniversary day and here is another.  Valentine's Day is coming up on the 14th and then on the 20th is mine and Neal's wedding anniversary.  It would have been 42 years.  I can't believe this will be my 2nd wedding anniversay without him. 

I can say that on these bad days I do get up and work in the office and I am still working on getting rid of clutter in my house. So I guess I have made some progress in that I don't just sit, I do get up.  I have not been on this site in a while and I am so glad I got on this morning and saw you message.  It is so good to hear from you.  There are so many new people on this site, it is sad.  I can't remember everyone's personal story, but in the end, the end is all the same.  We are without out spouse. 

I have been doing a lot better on my eating.  I have started trying to cook healthy suppers and I hardly eat any snacks.  I don't do any exercise, but I think just not sitting anymore has helped.  I have lost some weight (don't know how much) but I can tell in how my clothes fit.  Neal would be proud of me.

I started having a lot of trouble with my teeth and went to the dentist.  He says all my teeth are either loose or have cavities.  I have been negligant about going to the dentist and this is the result.  He told me I needed to have them all out and have implants.  I was just devastated, but felt I have no other choice.  Last week I started with the plan.  He only pulled 2 teeth and before he finished I was crying.  Crying because Neal was not in the car waiting for me, crying because I have to go through this by myself and crying because to me this is just another lose I can't get back.  Not that my teeth can compare to loosing Neal, but you know what I mean.

Did not mean to go on and on about my problems, but I feel you understand how I feel.  Not only am I depressed and grieving, but this on top takes the cake.

I have became a Mother and Grandmother again.  I can now enjoy my sons and Grandsons again.  I don't know how I went for almost a year not thinking of them but just thinking of myself. 

Well I need to get dressed and start work.  Again, it was so good to hear from you.  I hope you have an OK day.  I too have so much to be thankful for and one of them is to have a friend like you.   Hugs,   Linda

At 1:56pm on January 4, 2012, Linda G. said…

Christy,  I also have not been on this site in a while but also think of you and the others here.  Since my mind is a little less blurred, I have hit reality.  I know Neal is not coming back and the real sadness has set in.  I also lost weight right after Neal died, but quickly gained it back and more.  In the last 2 to 3 months I have started trying to eat better and I need to try to exercise but have not started any yet.  Idon't make resolutions for the New Year, but I am going to try harder to lose some of this weight.  I feel so sorry for your friend because it is real easy to lose track of your weight when you are grieving (and even when you're not).  I hope that having a good friend like you will help your friend start to renew herself to a healthier self.  When I was putting up my Christmas stuff last week, I got into the mood to clean and have been cleaning every since.  I am cleaning out closets (not Neal's stuff yet) and throwing away stuff and I have even dusted some of the dust that has been here for over a year.  You and I will need to be each others support for trying to better to ourselves.  Again it was so good to hear from you and one day we WILL get together.  Until then, you try to take care of yourself and I will be right behind you rooting for both of us.  Hugs to you and your friend.

At 1:31pm on January 3, 2012, MaggieP said…

Hi Christy,

   Yes, it is good to be back with my church friends.  Many of them I saw for years because I was the manager of a bookstore in town for 24 years.  Some of the people there I had a casual acquaintance as business people downtown.  They have all opened their hearts and made me feel welcome.  The minister there also preaches good mental health.  I like that.  Dave and I did not attend a church regularly. Going back was not full of reminders of our life together.  It in no way excludes him, but most of the people there knew me as myself, not Dave's wife. 

At 9:37am on December 11, 2011, Elyse Plude said…

Hi Christy! I am so glad you got your group going. I know it can really help us to give meaning to our guys. Don't give up though. Even if you only make a difference to one person, it 's worth it. And I know you'll make a difference to Larry. I checked out your website and you made me cry. It's so wonderful to know you honored him in that way. You've really inspired me to get going. Do you have a lot of help? It's such a wonderful idea. I will check out Legal Zoom for myself. Thank you so much! Good luck and keep me posted. I'll do the same here. How are you doing this year for Christmas?

At 8:25pm on November 24, 2011, Marlena said…

Hi Christy,

I haven't checked in here in a long time.  I hope things are going okay for you and that Larry's foundation is growing and thriving. 

Thanksgiving hugs to you...I hope today was manageable.


At 12:51am on November 24, 2011, Julie Emmons said…
Thank you and ya my family/friends have told me that I need to let the past stay in the past and to go forward. I have tried to do that but it just seems like that is much harder to do. My husband was my life and I just do not know how to go forward. I was telling my sister-in-law tonight that it is even just hard for me to get ready for Christmas. By now I would have already gone thru my Christmas decorations to see what is broke, what lights is working and which are not. I just do not even want to put my tree up, this is something that me and my husband always did together.
At 6:09pm on November 22, 2011, Elyse Plude said…

Hi Christy! I'm so sorry it's been so long for me to get back to you. That is so absolutely wonderful that you did that for your husband! What is it that you are doing? I am still working on Jacob's Promise. Life has got me down a bit so I'm not so motivated, but I have a very dear friend who has been living with me and my son for the past 6 months. So he is helping out tremendously. I hope someday he can look at me as someone he would love to be with. It's nice that I can feel again with him, but also a little lonely for me because I don't know what the future holds. But then again. I guess I never did. How did you end up filing papers for your group? That has been the tricky part for me. How have you been other wise?

At 9:25am on November 15, 2011, MaggieP said…

Christy, you are so right about nasty people.  I am totally blown away by the nastiness I have had to endure.  But, I am discovering that I am in good company.  There must be at least one person in each family that finds that the way to deal with the pain of grief is to inflict it on others in the family.  I have worked on this situation in the same way as you.  I have tried prayer, and forgiveness.  I think I am getting beyond it, and something crops up and it is like another slap in the face.  I have to go back and work on it again.  I am saddened to think that not only have I lost my husband, but I have lost any relationship with his children.  So far, his grandchildren have been accepting of our continued relationship, but their aunt could try to nix that as well.  It can't be healthy to be so hateful, but there it is.  On the 15th of November last year, Dave went into the hospital for congestive heart failure.  He was there for four days, and not one of his children came to see him.  He came home for a week, although I find that it seemed like he  was home longer than that.  The day after Thanksgiving, he went back into the hospital, and never came home.  Again, his children were too busy to drive up to see him.  I suppose, he had been so healthy for so long and pulled out of every health scrape and they just assumed that it would happen again.  I certainly thought that.  I find myself in tears a lot this month.  Hugs to you.

At 9:11pm on October 24, 2011, Linda G. said…


So glad to hear from you.  Have been having extra bad time this last month, Oct. 15th was my 1 year without Neal.  The 2 weeks before the 15th was really bad.  Went to the beach for a week, wished I could have stayed longer.  I plan on being home thru the holidays, so if you come up please call me and I will drive to meet you for breakfast.  I would really love that.  I have not been on this site in a while, I read but don't write much.  Be sure and call me when you get to NC and we'll make plans.  (336-998-3525) 

HUGS to you,  Linda

At 9:00pm on September 15, 2011, Linda G. said…

Christy,  it is so good to hear from you.  I have also met with 2 groups of widows.  One group, most of the widows are 3 or more years down the road further than me.  They are all nice women.  This is a group started up after one of them decided that after GriefShare, there needed to be something else.  They meet at least 3 times a month for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have another full schedule of things to do. They go on all kinds of trips.  They all know how I feel now, but I just am not ready to go on trips. The other group, not really a group, is 2 women I met when we were ask to help with research on funeral homes and cemetaries.  There were 4 of us who showed up and were ask our opinion  for 45 minutes and paid $100.  We were all 1 year or less widowed.  2 of the women and I talked after the meeting and have been emailing each other and have met for dinner one time.  I have more in common with them being they are at about the same time frame as me.  But even though I enjoyed their company, I still could not wait to get home and be alone. I guess if we hang in here long enough, this will pass, I hope so anyway.

I did go to our beach place 2 weeks ago.  It is a 4 1/2 hour drive and I took my time as I was putting it off as long as possible.  Then when I got there it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  Neal loved to sit on our porch, so that is where I spent most of my time.  I cried everyday thinking about the last time we were there, because he was so sick, and he was losing his hair and beard really fast.  But then I would think about all the good times we had there together.  At home I still can not sleep in our bed and have for 11 months slept in our recliner in the bedroom, the one he died in.  But at the beach I got into our bed and was afraid I would not be able to sleep, but I slept the best there that I have in 11 months.  I actually slept to 9:00 one day.  I also cooked every nite for myself, which is something I still don't do at home.  So I have decided that as soon as I can, I am going back down there.   I thought I was fooling my sons about doing "better", but I think they see through me as I can tell by the number of times they call me everyday.  I will have to try to do better in front of them, as like you said they want to see you strong and happy again.  Thanks again for writting.  HUGS

At 7:52am on September 5, 2011, Sheryl McCormick said…
Thanks Christy - I haven't been on this site for awhile.  I hope all is well with you too.  I have been working through stuff everyone here is working through as well.  Right now I am at a point of reviewing my life and the people in it.  I have found that unless someone has experienced this kind of loss they cannot totally relate to us and some would rather avoid us.  Sometimes it is easier to just be alone rather then be around people and seeing the look of  " oh no what am going to say to her? " Some won't even make eye contact - it is really amazing to see this from people you thought would always care about what is going on in your life. I am starting to realize that I may need to let go of some relationships and find new ones - that isn't all bad.
At 1:32pm on September 1, 2011, Carol Kayser said…

Hi Christy - thank you for thinking of me.  Things just keep moving along with or without our wanting it to happen.   My husband Jack knew that, and now I am living it too.  So yes it was that hard day and I was dreading it, but I felt very loved and that really helped.  So now the question is "where do we go from here" Christy.  I still feel very very married, with my sweetheart and now we have our granddaughter and the biggest thing I can see now is perhaps moving over the next year.  

I know you were saying a while ago you may be able to leave work in the next year? Are you still planning that?  It must be hard, that you have in common with me is working somewhere where your loved one spent time, with you working, with mine ill.  Not easy to show up every day!

How is the Foundation going for you? I hope it is a fulfilling journey for you and not causing too much stress.  Also, hoping you are okay emotionally Christy, and have love around you.


Hugs & love, take care.



At 12:17pm on August 25, 2011, Marlena said…
Hi Christy...I'm thinking of you today.  I hope you are doing okay and remembering life with Larry with a smile.  I know how hard it is to make it through this day...please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.  Sending you hugs and good thoughts for peace and comfort to encircle you today and always.
At 9:46pm on August 18, 2011, Marlena said…

Hi Christy,

Thanks for checking in.  I have not been here much at all this summer.  Life has been very crazy.  My mom and dad came up from Florida and stayed with me for a month, then Nick, Amanda, Lily and I went down there with them for a while, and Nick and I just got back from Canada yesterday.  Life should calm down now.  Things are going ok here.  I have decided that I am finally okay with staying away from my house.  For the first two years I could not go anywhere over night; I had this NEED to be home all the time.  Since I decided to go to my college graduation in May and stayed in a hotel for a couple of nights I am liking going places and doing things again...I'll take that as a little step in the "progress" department.

I hope things are going okay for you and your foundation is doing well.  I haven't read much on here so I will have to read and catch up with what you have been doing and how you are feeling.  I hope you have been able to find a little bit of peace and that Larry's son is also doing okay, too...have you been able to continue to keep in contact with him?  I hope so, you both need that connection.

I know Larry's one year is coming up soon...please know I'll be thinking of you and sending out hugs and lots of positive energy as you go through the next couple of weeks.

Take care and thanks again for thinking of me...Hugs coming your way!!

At 11:02am on August 16, 2011, MaggieP said…
Christy,  Just wanted to say..courage...I am thinking of you. My one year will be December 2.  I can't even begin to think about it. 

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