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At 9:05pm on December 28, 2010, Pearl DeLaPena said…
hola christy, thank you for your note on my site. You are right there is absolutely no reason for trying to take our own life. this life we have is the one GOD has delt us and he doesnt give us more than we can handle and I truly believe that. Hope your holiday went well as for me my brother had dinner at his house and asked me to come I was greatful that was the 24th and on 25 I spent the day with my son at his house with my 2 grand kids  and u know that kids will keep u busy especially when they are 5 and 2 years old. They make me laugh and cry all at the same time. I felt really good until I walk in to my house and it is cold and quiet and my mind starts to work hard again u know the crying and missing him. Then I put myself to bed and try to sleep and do it all over again the next day.  thanks again for listening or reading my long note. Hugs and more hugs to u
At 8:25pm on December 17, 2010, Pearl DeLaPena said…

Hi christy, thank youso much for your prayers and all the love in those few words you posted on my page. The words  really hit the spot Now I just read that u have no desire to live u know I feel that way all the time to but I really have to resist big time. U see when I was younger my weakness was that I always was looking for ways to kill my self that is until I found GOD. That has made the biggest difference in my life and it has been 15 years now that my Lord has control over me and if it were not for that who knows......Try and stay positive for your family but mostly for your self.

hugs and more hugs God Bless U

At 1:28pm on December 6, 2010, Jill Cobb said…

Christy i know where covington is my son is planning on going to Ga Perimeter after graduation. Have you joined any grief support groups in the area. I have thought about going to a meeting but i have not been able to bring myself to go. I am taking my 8 year old to his second therapy meeting tomorrow, not sure if he is getting anything from it or not but he says he wants to go. I am so so sorry for the tragedy you are going through. Maybe sometime we can get together and talk. I know everyone is grieving for Jason but i just think my pain is different than theirs.
At 7:52am on November 30, 2010, kathy obiedzinski said…
christy: no baby yet but thanks for the cong she is due may the heartbeat is 165 people say it will be a girl because spoke to her last night she feels good can not wait for the big day thanks again hus to all
At 11:40pm on November 29, 2010, Pearl DeLaPena said…
thank you christy for your support I am going to try this week for sure. god bless u and that is a nice pic of u and your husband u look very happy.
At 1:07pm on November 29, 2010, margie sexton said…
I am sorry to hear of your loss Christy I know how you feel about not living without him I feel the same way. I am so alone I have a 33 year old son but he has a finacee and a 13 year old son so there is someone with him constantly. My husband and I ran apartment complexes so for the past 20 years we were together 24/7 and the past 3 years he has been sick so my whole life revolved around him with dr.appt, hospital stays, chemo, home very sick after chemo and then on August 8th my life stopped he was gone and it is not getting better. Sometimes I can get thru the day without crying but very rarely. They say it gets better when is what I want to know. I have alot of support from friends and my church and my and his family but the am still alone at night and the nights are very long and dark. I can only watch so much tv, play so much on the computer, visit so much etc but still have to be in that lonely house without his laughter and his voice. This site helps me vent and read about others going through the same things so I do not think I am crazy. Hope to get feel better soon and hope you do too. Hugs from me to you, Margie.
At 4:13pm on November 16, 2010, Kathy King Kates said…
I'm fairly new here too & wonder how to find someones page/ info.- I guess we'll figure it out. Christy, if you click on anyones picture in their discussions or anything it will take you to their page. What information is available depends on what anyone has chosen to put either as profile info or as a blog. This is where I go to see what each situation is if they don't say on the current comment. Hope this helps.
At 9:14am on November 5, 2010, Christy said…
I lost my life partner on August 27, 2010 to an accidental drowning on his job when the grate he was standing on fell in. He was 38 yrs. old. We had been together for nearly 8 yrs. and had been living as a married couple/ combined family for over 5 yrs. We were not legally wed because we worked together in the same department. After more than 5 yrs. of seeking employment, he finally found & accepted a new job w/ the sole purpose of us getting married-finally!! There was so much going on when he first got the job that a wedding was not foremost in our minds. Larry was about to graduate with his Masters in Bus. Admin. from Troy University, we were paying for tuition and graduation costs. My daughter was also expecting her 1st baby-she was living with us. About 2 wks before he died, he mentioned us going to the courthouse- right then. I thought you had to have blood tests and sd. we could wait alittle longer to see if this was the way to go. We had just rec'vd our passports in preparation for a honeymoon trip. Life was crazy busy, but so wonderful! I am sick that I didn't jump at his suggestion to go to the courthouse- why didn't I? I never imagined it would end so suddenly- we were so hopeful, had accomplished so much and were on track for a successful future. I am devastated. Larry was the most amazing man I have ever known. He lived to make me happy and I was happy everyday with him. He never had a harsh word about me or to me in 8 yrs, never raised a hand to me or was angry toward me. This was the most wonderful life-beyond my imagination. I met him upon leaving a 20 yr. marriage to a very abusive husband. Larry treated my son & daughter as his own. Last night my daughter said she didn't believe people could truely be as good as he was to us! Living without him is extremely difficult. I truely do not wish to live without him.

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