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At 4:41pm on July 28, 2010, Priscilla Player said…
Thank you so much for your comforting words and your bible scriptures. I had to hospitalized in December because I had a nervous breakdown. It will be a year next month and again it seems like it was just yesterday. The hardest part of grieving is to do it alone. I am tired mentally and physically. I can't seem to accept his death. No one understands my pain.
At 12:32pm on July 28, 2010, Albert G. said…
Thank you so much for your support.
At 12:40pm on July 24, 2010, SoulWinner2 said…
Dear Kathy,

Thank you for that comforting reminder from God's Word & for your words of comfort as well. I needed to read them today & will remember them this most difficult week of all since her home going.

She was Soul Winner1 as her life was lived to win souls. He/She who wins souls is wise & she was sure a wise woman of faith!

A example to all of us & all who ever met her even for a second! That's all it took for her to tell them of Him (say His Name to them). I hope you'll be a new friend as well. I am also on other sites.

God bless you for being there today when I needed to be reminded to "Sorrow not". Soon we will see each other again as He is coming so very soon!

At 9:41am on July 24, 2010, CherH said…
Kathy ty for your soothing words..I do understand the statement now and was blessed to have my mom for so long. I am glad my post made you feel better as yours did me. thank you so much...Cheryl
At 10:05am on July 3, 2010, Stacey R. said…
Thank you for your words of comfort. I really covet your prayers and the very words from our Lord. I will look up those scriptures and leaning on God has been my sole source of strength. I honestly don't know how people can survive a loss without God in their lives. One really great thing that has come out of Tom's death is that our father has since come to know Jesus and has joined a church with mom and he got baptized three weeks ago. That has been a very bright spot and has helped him tremendously. Thank you again. Readiing your post really lifted my spirits and made me feel better.
At 3:36pm on June 27, 2010, Gail Willard said…
Thank you Kathy for your kind words. One small step at a time. Somedays I do hurt so bad, I miss her so much. And Yes tears seem to come from no where. I looked at her Son, he looks just like her. My heart is in a million pieces. I know I will never be the same.
At 8:37pm on June 9, 2010, Irving Barry Ollman said…

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At 1:58pm on May 31, 2010, Irving Barry Ollman said…

You sent me a letter..I have received it and thank you...very much...give me a call at home ..love to talk to you...(352) 533-7816 and my first name is Irving Barry Ollman....np friend
At 7:48pm on May 19, 2010, lindarunion said…
thank you ineed all thehelp ican get right now
At 10:35am on April 16, 2010, Gina said…
Thank you for your comments, I stop two and threet imes a day and ask god to give me the strength to get through this grief and some days are better than others.
At 11:59am on April 9, 2010, ALEXANDRA said…
Thank you Kathy, I hear U & I know everything u said is true. But it just doesnt seems to register to my heart. Im in limbo & I dont know how to get out of it. I do want help & I will continue to reach out. I am a christian but at the moment I am finding no comfort to sooth my pain. Please dont mistake my expressions as cruel I just have to be real. It feels good to have other people that can totally relate w/what im going thur... Bare w/me, I am hopeful, I just cant feel anything right now. U seems like a really sweet person. My respect & condolances to U also.
At 1:33pm on March 31, 2010, Janet Long said…
Maybe I'll get back to my beliefs one day.
At 8:47am on March 24, 2010, Daddy's Girl said…
Thank You Kathy..It brought tears to my eyes! I miss him so!!! I hope that he knows that I know it was time to go but I was not ready for him to go, do that sound selfish?
At 10:15am on March 3, 2010, stephanie said…
Dear: Kathy
Thank you for your kind words it was very comforting. I do have question about the bible and hope you answer it. I need to understand. When my sister was diagnose with lupus I really did not think much about it and was not worried. At the time I understood what lupus was and I knew people that had the disease. However, I did not know that it could affect people differently. My poor sister did not have a chance. I always had faith, I also went through hard time in my life and I know it was God that helped me out and always stood by me. However, this situation did make me question my faith. The week before my sister passed she was in a coma, I prayed so much and I had faith that she was going to pull through it. That same week I had a peace in my heart, I knew God I had place that tranquility and I believed that my sister was going to get better. That same week Doctor told us that if she continues to do well they were going to take her out of ICU. The day my sister passed, that morning I woke up feeling good, I began to clean my house and I was playing gospel music. I remember thanking God for all he done for my sister. That same day in the afternoon, I received a phone called from my dad he told me to rush to the hospital because my sister was not well and Doctor told him she was not going to make it. Sometime if feel that I was mislead to believe that everything was going to be ok and it did not. I was mad At God for a moment. why did he allowed me to have peace in my heart and then I had to face my sister death . I still want understanding? People tell me “in time God will give it to me the answer in time”. But it still hurts and I still question. Where is the meaning in all this? I know we all have to go someday but she was only 32 year old with small children. She was the person that stays by my side through all my hard time and good. I do admit that I have been reading the bible a lot more since this happened. But I can’t find the scriptures that give me understanding. I did ask God for understanding in his situation. I never really dealt with death before especially with someone so close to me. Where in the bible tell me how to deal with this pain. Please help.
At 6:34pm on February 17, 2010, valerie moore said…
thank you KATHY... your email is very true. i am actually in the process of a very intense therapy that has truly helped/ i am recogizing alot of what you said ... my anger with God has almost dimished because i say to myself, God took Dusty to a better place and Dusty needed the peace for once and all./
i am turning to God for all the help he can give me.
thank you so much for your ongoing support. i pray for you as well. val
At 5:21pm on February 16, 2010, valerie moore said…
thank you kathy. yes, it is a devasting time, a time, i prayed would never come, but worried for years due to the fact he was a drug addict/. i have turned to the LORD for comfort.; for several months i have been angry.. to say the least about GOD blaming him, walking away from him. i am trying to reconnect and i pray every day and i am beginning to find some peace/ i miss my only baby though - he was truly the love of my life...

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