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At 11:51pm on July 9, 2010, jen said…
My dad has been very close to me these past weeks..... I planned a long trip over my birthday , driving across the country to be in my dads home town- it was one of the nicest birthdays since the last one I spent with my dad a few years ago. I spent the morning showing my children the little town in Kansas where he had grown up, we played in the park where he played, we visited his favorite spots and had lunch in a little restaurant on the dirt-street main st.- my kids were totally charmed, as I had been many times over the years visiting there with my dad. Just as we were pulling out of town , I caught a glimse of an old el camino parked near the old gas station ( el caminos are one of the signs he gives me he is near .....he has always liked them, and always wanted one- I used to tease him because I think they are hideous! I never used to see them around, but since he has passed away, I see them almost every day, usually when I think of him) It had been kind of a tough day, but that made me know he was there with us.
At 12:56pm on March 28, 2010, Vicki said…
Hi Jen : I know the feelings . I lost my Dad & 11mos later my Mom . It has been several years for me but as their anniversay dates of their deaths approach , I start to become a bit edgy. Each year it's different . I am so happy this site exsists , let's you know your not alone. another site that has helped me was , find a grave . I am able to actually see my parents burial site & leave little flowers and messages , since I do not live in my home state this was a wonderful find for me , maybe for others as well. My comfort is knowing that Mom&Dad are together . It's hard for me ,but I'm learning to adjust the best I can , I have great pics & memories so that can be a little bittersweet . I wish there was a regional conference so we could all meet & see that we are not alone in this , if there is one I hope someone will post it . needless to say March& April are not my best months , but I get through them . this site has also been really helpful . My very best to you . It takes time to adjust , I'm still adjusting , but I'm better than before & they will always be with you in your heart . Take care Vicki
At 10:48pm on March 14, 2010, jen said…
My sister just called me, and let me know my Dads last older brother passed away today......there are just 2 siblings left from their wonderful family of 15 children. Dad and this brother had become pretty close the last 15 years, and enjoyed one anothers company so much. I know they are enjoying a drink together and sharing their crazy stories.....i'm glad they are together again.
At 3:13pm on March 9, 2010, Sally Bagwell said…
He's hansom, I know the pain your in, My Dad passed away 2002, it still hurt's and I think about him often. Our Dad's Jen will alway's be in our heart's!
At 2:07pm on February 17, 2010, Joan Martin said…
March 23rd next month will be 4 years since my mom passed and it still feels like yesterday. It seems as though my life will never feel like a life again. I wonder if I will ever adjust. I'd like to say I wish I had found this website 4 years ago. Thank you all.
At 12:24am on February 15, 2010, jen said…
hmmmm, just realized that the day has passed- uneventful just like the day one year ago when I last talked to my dad....I did call my mom, because it crossed my mind that each day might be the last day, no matter how trivial the chat, it is something to hold onto. Do I really have to go on so many more years without talking with my dad? I have said it before, but I imagine him passing and how joyful his heart must have been seeing his parents and siblings, friends and family who had gone on so many years before him. He was always a man who looked ahead, never backwards....i wish I could do that.
At 11:20pm on February 1, 2010, jen said…
i can hardly believe it has been almost a year since I lost my dad. a week ago marked the day I last saw my dad alive, the day we said goodbye, and I hugged him, and hugged me for the last time. The day ended up being much harder than I though it would be. soon, the last I day I spoke with him on the phone will be here.......we talked about nothing really. He and mom were canning salmon that day, he told me all about it, and then moved on to talk about the weather as we always did, because that was all there really was left to talk about. I am not sure how it will be on the 20th. I have good days and not so good days, I suppose that one won't be too good.
At 1:40pm on January 19, 2010, Terry H. said…
So sorry for your loss
At 7:54pm on January 12, 2010, Toy Williams said…
Hi Jen,
I am sorry to hear of the loss of your father to loss a parent to death is very painful, I too loss both my Mom and two years later my father and the one thing that kept me sane was the promises the scriptures holds before me at Acts 24:15 where it says, "There will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous" You will see your father again! Take comfort in God's written words found at John 11:25~ Jesus said "... I am the reusrrection and the life he that exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life" May you find peace knowing our Heavenly cares and promises to make a change in the near future!
At 7:42pm on December 31, 2009, manuela smith said…
dear jen i thank you becouse i feel so blessed not to feel so alone anymore i believed i would feel better but i noticed is all a mask that i put on iam so very sad all the time becouse i cant undestand my own pain iam not sure anymore what it is someday iam happy others iam yust so lost everything a do is putting douts in me and i think iam not all there i rad all your storrys and iam thinking how sad it is and then i feel nothing i know that it sounds strange may be iam like i sayd nothing makes sence to me i want to go and let go but i cant my mom was a kind and sweet person and wen i look at her face in my pics i allways cry she rote to me years ago fromm a vacation and she allways called me her littleone also i over shut her bi 2 head lengs but now everything is silent iam yust a reck i want her and everyone be happy and i feel guilty becouse i feel i interupt there peace and i do not want to do that att all but i do not know how to stop grieving
At 9:33am on December 20, 2009, Dawn Ciringione said…
Jen, I just read the poem your Dad left you. How powerful to have his words. My brother found a prayer typed on my father's desk as my father lay dying in the hospital. We think he wrote it. My brother read it at the funeral. It touched so many people who wanted a copy, so we had it printed to send with thank yous. It feels so powerful to have his words, something of himself that he left with us. I hope you are finding peace. Best regards, Dawn
At 6:15am on December 6, 2009, melissa Jackson altmyer said…
I love this Photo of your father. He was a great fisherman! My dad was a champion ski racer. He passed away last Christmas eve. My life will never be the same without him. He loved the great outdoors like your dad. I am glad I came across your story when I joined the support group. I feel blessed to know that there are others out there like myself who need support. You can visit my father's site His name is Stephen Jackson. Keep in touch:)
At 2:33pm on November 21, 2009, Dawn Ciringione said…
Your photo is a great tribute to your father. My own dad died 1 month ago. Your photo was the first I came to when I joined this support group moments ago. My dad also was a fisherman, and I loved our trips to nearby Finger Lakes in central NY. I hope that our memories sustain us. I asked my Dad at the time of his death that signs of his presence always be near me. I had to comment because I imagine the pride you feel in this photo of your Dad as I feel when I look at my Dad in photos.
At 2:52am on October 29, 2009, IRISH MAE OSMENA said…
hi jen hw r u im soory fr late this is your dad...he looks so good and so loving dad right? i know hes so proud on you...u know i have no pictures in my dad in his latest life coz he hates pictures and ure lucky u have lots of pix for must go on all we can offer to our dad is only prayers that their soul will be in heaven..prayers and mass will help...i always offer prayers in my dad and went to cemetery every Monday coz here in Phils Monday is the day for the soul...there? so you must offer mass everymonday fr the peace of his soul,,
but its in our tradition here..good luck and keep in touch...i guess you found lots of friends here...give my regards to them to all who feels the way that we
At 5:44am on October 23, 2009, Darlene K. Smith said…
Thank you Jen. I am sorry for your loss. What really helps is knowing we will be together again!
At 9:15am on August 31, 2009, Stacey said…
Hi Jen, nice to meet you. Its been close to 8 months since my Mom went to Heaven, and I miss her everday... My heart goes out to you as well for your loss. I have to tell myself that she is no longer in pain, she had chronic neuropathy, heart disease and diabetes.... Tears are running down my face as I write this to you....I just miss my mom so much.
Your dad looks like a good man, someone who like to fish eh? Always keep the memories, they cannot ever be taken away from us. Take care and God bless you and your family

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