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At 2:13pm on April 28, 2011, Christine Worthy said…

Dear Shannon,

Thanks for your comment on my page.  You were right, Noah was the light of our lives......he was the sweetest child and touched many lives before he passed, as I'm sure your Tommy did.  He is so handsome, I'm so sorry for your loss.  Tomorrow will be two months since Noah died suddenly in his sleep.  He was only 6.  I keep hoping to get a sign from him that all is OK.  Maybe my grief is just too much and he can't get through.....I don't know.  I  hope you are right about our spirits being connected.  I want him to know how much I love him, I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye it was so sudden. 

Thanks again,


At 7:21pm on April 27, 2011, Shari Soklow said…

Shannon, Today at 1:18PM I came home from getting my car oiled and walked into my back yard without thinking any thing in particular. Lo and behold there to my delight was {a beautiful black butterfly with pale yellow tips} just flitting around my back yard for a few moments, than off it went!

I guess one cannot order these things on demand! (Laughing) Many times I have asked for a butterfly as a sort of comforting proof of the existence of continued life, it never happens! When I thought about it the least and didn't expect it, then the butterfly appeared right in front of me!  So that is the secret!

I just thought I would share my story as so many times I think of you and your

wanting the butterfly to land on your hand!

When you least expect it, dear Shannon, you too will see the butterfly!

Love, Your Friend Shari

At 10:56pm on April 26, 2011, Diane Cayer said…
Wow, I'm devastated at how your Tommy passed. What a sweet face he had, so handsome. He and my Shelly would of been a great couple. Maybe they are in heaven looking down on us. I feel your pain, unlike anyone else could. Please, I feel like I know Tommy, how did he die? why was he out that cold day? Diane (Shelly's mom)
At 1:40pm on April 26, 2011, Carol Roberts said…
you can find me here on facebook :   just copy and paste into your browser should take you right to my profile page where you can send a friends request, let me know if you have any trouble. 
At 1:04am on April 26, 2011, Shari Soklow said…

Dearest Shannon,

Yes, your beloved son, Tommy, has the precious face of an angel! When he was on earth and now in Heaven!  He is Gorgeous!  Shannon dear, you truly saved me 

by calling me this Easter when I was so down and lonely! I told Jesus what a good soul you are to be so kind to me and I know all the others in our support group as well!  I am not only grateful for your friendship but feel blessed to know you!

You are a true Angel, and I know for a fact, that your precious son is very proud

of his beautiful mom!  Thanks again for helping me on such a sad day! 

Love, Peace, Good Health to you and yours....Your Friend Shari

My Prayers, Thoughts and Love, Go Out To Each and Every One In Our Group!

At 7:49pm on April 25, 2011, Melinda Ellen Guinn said…

Thanks Shannon for  what you said about Easter. That's the only thig that keeps me going on, knowing when it's my time, she'll be taking my hand and taking me Home w/her to my Granma and Jesus. 


At 7:49pm on April 25, 2011, Melinda Ellen Guinn said…

Thanks Shannon for  what you said about Easter. That's the only thig that keeps me going on, knowing when it's my time, she'll be taking my hand and taking me Home w/her to my Granma and Jesus. 


At 9:57pm on April 24, 2011, BONNIE said…

I haven't seen the other two movies. Are they scary?

If not I guess I can try to see them. Easter was really hard this year.

3 people related to close friends died.

At 8:56pm on April 21, 2011, Carol Roberts said…
Shannon, bless you and your family.   Getting through this period of time has been nothing short of hell.   I keep thinking the next day I'll feel better, only to wake up feeling worse.  The rage too much to hold in any longer.  I've been digging, planting, working till I can't do any more, tonight i finally broke down crying and pleading to God to please help me let go of all the anger, and I cried and cried, tried to scream but all that came out was a faint raspy scream , my son also has a facebook page , which I post on daily, and some of his friends do too.  thankfully he entrusted one friend with his password info, so I am able to control his acct. <3  God Bless, and thanks for listening <3
At 10:57pm on April 20, 2011, Jackie Jones said…
i went to your sons facebook.  do you have the passwords and stuff to his account to add people to his account as friends.  i wasnt able to see his wall as it was set to private.  i was lucky enough to have set up my sons account so i can add his friends as they ask so they can write on his wall.  i find it comforting to read what the kids write.  my sons wall isnt private if your not friends with him.  even though i told him to set it to private i am now glad he didnt so now anyone even if not a friend can see his wall. 
At 8:23pm on April 20, 2011, Gina Phillips, Cody's Mom said…
yes Shannon, you asked if Cody was a twin. Cody has a twin brother Jamey who is taling this very hard. Jamey's first child a son was born just 2 weeks after passed and it was so bitter sweet. we call baby Matthew (named after my first son that passed) our little ray of sunshine
At 2:10pm on April 20, 2011, Jackie Jones said…
heres my sons facebook name jones jim.   he did it backwards.  it has a tatoo of the state of oregon with a peace sign in the middle of it.  of course today is 4/20 which is the universal sign for smoking pot it guess. or 4:20 everyday i guess.  i will never forget the day i found out what that meant by the vice principal of the school when they discovered jim had it on his phone.
At 4:49pm on April 16, 2011, Linda said…
Such a handsome young man should be very proud....hugs to you...Linda, Jennifer's mom
At 6:35am on April 16, 2011, Janet - Todd's Mom said…

Hi Shannon,  Thank you so much for posting the youtube video of Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole singing "Over the Rainbow".  I had heard the song on the radio but never knew anything about the person who sang it.  It's so beautiful.  I googled IZ's name to learn more about him and was fascinated by his gift.  What a beautiful spirit.  I was saddened to learn he had passed away in 1997 at the age of 38....same age as my son, Todd. 

At 6:11pm on April 15, 2011, Carrie L said…
Hi shannon love to you on this day andeveryday. we need it badly for our bond with ouour beautiful sons you know what happened. I am very very changed and broken and wish i could just go back in time and fix this .. do you want to write to me outside this site? i would like that. carrie l
At 6:41am on April 15, 2011, Phil's Mamama said…

I just what you wrote on the comment wall.  Each word you say is how I feel.  What I care about is what all grieving parents understand.  People think I am selfish but I just cannot care about many things anymore.


I am so sorry about your son.  He reminds me so much of my own.  And you are right, your son has a truly beautiful smile. 


Phils Mamma

Diane in NC

At 7:04pm on April 11, 2011, valerie moore said…
shannon,  yeah, the pain is so horrible. i just sit and wonder why me, why dusty, why us?  my life has been a difficult road with abusive marriages - i am finally married to a really nice person. he has never had children and at first, he could not be there for me.  its taken quite awhile. he will never...understand though.  sometimes i think,  how will i make it the rest of my life, without my dusty...???  i still ask why?  we have to trust in God to answer that...  hugs val
At 4:42pm on April 11, 2011, valerie moore said…
shannon,  hi.  its been 1 yr 7 mos since dusty went to heaven... well deserved... anyway,  i still have the few items he had next to my bedside in a box.. (he was off and on homeless)  had a bad drug habit and would steal you blind...  i also sleep with a "beany dog" he had given me years ago... probably will always sleep with it.  i cant move his things.  most of the time,  i cry when i look at his things.  i am in an overwelming grief mode...i need to hear from him in some way, i have heard from him in 2 wonderful dreams...  i miss him so much and need him.  his dad was never in the picture (did not want to be a dad) just an alcoholic and womenizer.. so it was just me and him.  (no other kids)  oops just noticed i have already told you some of this.. i just seem to ramble on sometimes.... hugs, valerie
At 7:27pm on April 10, 2011, valerie moore said…
dear shannon, i understand how you are feeling. dusty has been gone 1 yr  7 mos, and for the past 2 weeks, i have been engulfed in grief. totally.  i have had feelings that i just cant go on without him.  i miss him. he was my only child. i have been crying off and on, when i just was beginning to not cry all the time.  i spoke to my pastor and he told me that i was putting dusty above God.  God is our Highest God.   today, i have just been praying for peace in my hurting heart.  i trust God is taking care of our children.   hugs, valerie
At 12:00pm on April 10, 2011, Janet - Todd's Mom said…

Just wanted to add (but I had already gone over the allotted 2000 characters) that what you wrote about not trading even a moment if you were told from the beginning how much you would hurt in the end is so true for me too.  And what you wrote "Not one moment.... Our children are part of our soul and reason for breathing....  God give us strength.  If there is any justice in heaven... Our boys are having the time of their life with the fun stuff they can use in heaven!!!!!!    I pray that is so!" has given me strength today.  Thank you so much Shannon. 

Hugs and prayers,


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